Imagineer officially reveals Medarot Day announcements

29 11 2018

Following a countdown teaser and yesterday’s unintended Famitsu leaks, Imagineer has officially announced their Medarot Day celebrations, which marked the franchise’s 21st anniversary. There were no surprises, though some additional information was revealed for the seven announcements.

First Medarot mobile game in development

As previously shared, the first iOS and Android video game in the franchise is in development at Imagineer subsidiary SoWhat. The title will be the studio’s third video game, after LINE Akindo Sei no Little Peso (which held a Medarot-themed crossover event last year) and Sumi Sumi: Matching Puzzle.

Specific details on the Medarot video game were not shared. Imagineer will release information in the future across its social media accounts and through Medarotters Fan Club bulletins. The franchise inspired the Medarot presents Medarotch app for iOS and Android devices in 2013.

Medarotters Fan Club relaunched

The Japan-only, official Medarot fan club has been relaunched. Members are offered exclusive image wallpapers, social media icons, a redesigned digital membership card, and the ability to see production art from the various games.


Medarot Channel launched on YouTube

Imagineer has opened an official YouTube channel devoted to the Medarot franchise. The company plans on showcasing the latest developments in the franchise throughout new videos. The first video in the headlining Medarot News is available to watch:

The video recaps recent Medarot news, including the day’s announcements.

Medarot Game Sound Archives CD compilation available for purchase

Imagineer has announced the Medarot Game Sound Archives, a CD compilation featuring music from the first five Medarot video games. This spans 270 tracks across five discs and includes an added booklet.

The set is available as a made-to-order item from Purchases are open between now and January 31, 2019. Medarot Game Sound Archives retails for ¥6,980 (tax included) and is expected to ship in March.

Medarot manga heading to digital storefronts

Kodansha has re-released Horuma Rin’s Medarot and Medarot 2 manga on digital storefronts in Japan. The company also plans on re-publishing Medarot 3, 4, 5 and G in the future. Published between 1997 and 2003, the manga ran in Kodansha’s Comic BonBon.

Weekly Medarot Broadcast gets limited-time free release

Weekly Medarot Broadcast is going free for a limited time. The column, which features manga series Medarot Tepid by Horuma Rin and Medarot Re – Reloaded by Hakubayashi, is serialized in the digital anthology Manga Hot. For the next 15 days, the title will be available to read for free, without costing any tickets.

Medarot Weekly Broadcast began on December 27, 2017. Manga Hot is a collaboration between COAMIX, North Star Pictures and Imagineer.

Medarot popup shop to open in Akihabara

In mid-January, Imagineer will host a Medarot popup shop at Entaba Akiba by WonderGOO / SHINSEIDO in Tokyo, Japan. The company will sell merchandise, as well as offer customers the chance to see production artwork and other items.

Imagineer is currently running a similar five-day event in Kichijōji, Tokyo called Medarot Club Room 2018 @ Kichijōji.



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1 12 2018
Chetti (@Carloschetti)


4 12 2018

To be brutally honest, I was expecting a console game being announced but what we got instead was a mobile game in development (hopefully it isn’t free-to-play because otherwise I’d throw my phone out on the street and wait for a big truck to crush it, in my opinion freemium is going way too far on Smartphones compared to PCs and Consoles, can we just get more paid and more expensive games on iOS and Android like we do on PC and Consoles? That is my major concern with the Mobile game market, plus free-to-play games are a subject to problematic addictions). Oh well (kind of a letdown), but hopefully next year we see Medarot back on consoles whether it would be Switch or 3DS. Maybe the company is just taking a break from the consoles for a while and I do hope we get another console game being announced next year or the year after that.

7 02 2019
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16 05 2019
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29 11 2019
Medart S: Unlimited Nova launches January 23 in Japan | Project Rising Beetle

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