Medart S: Unlimited Nova launches January 23 in Japan

29 11 2019

During this year’s Medarot Day celebrations, Imagineer announced the release date for Medarot S: Unlimited Nova. The first smartphone RPG in the franchise will become available to download for Android and iOS devices in Japan starting January 23, 2020. The game is up for pre-order on Google Play and iTunes.

The live-stream, which was co-hosted by Ikki voice actress Michiru Yamazaki and Arika’s Eri Sendai, revealed additional information about future Medarot events and products:

  • From the beginning of December, “Robo Robo Team” members will take over the official Medarot S Twitter account to solicit game ideas from fans.
  • In collaboration with NTT Resonant’s chat AI goo botmaker, the Medarot Memory Restoration Project will be launched. Players take on the role of a researcher at the Medarot World Association, who discovers a severely damaged Medal. By chatting with the bot, its memory may eventually be restored. The Memory Loss Medarot will become available on LINE beginning January 27, 2020. Codenamed Kū, it will eventually appear in Unlimited Nova. For more information visit the botmaker website.
  • In celebration of the anime’s 20th anniversary, Premium Bandai will sell the Medarot Official Card Game Selection set. Available in May 2020 and retailing for 8,800 yen, the release will feature reprints of the original card game from 2000. It will also feature cards for Medarotters and Medarots introduced after the game originally ended. 72 cards will be included alongside a booklet, binder and special box.

    The official Medarotsha Twitter account had previously teased that the OCG would be revived, courtesy of two Medarot S: Unlimited Nova tie-ins.
  • Cyberstep’s PC game Steel Battle Chronicle C21 will host a second Medarot collaboration campaign. The keyart features Arcbeetle and Tyrelbeetle. It will run on December 5, 2019.
  • As part of their ongoing partnership with GraffArt, a Snow Play range of Medarot merchandise will be launched on December 21, 2019.
  • To celebrate 100 issues of Weekly Medarot Communication on MangaHOT, thirty entries are available to read for free until December 11th.
  • As the official YouTube channel turns a year old, a giveaway featuring autographed sketches by Michiru Yamazaki and Eri Sendai is being held on the official Medarot S Twitter account.

Developed by Imagineer subsidiary SoWhat, Medarot S: Unlimited Nova was first announced during last year’s Medarot Day events. The game has surpassed 50,000 pre-registrations.




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