Medarot stickers launch on LINE

27 11 2017

Earlier this morning, Imagineer launched a set of digital Medarot stickers on Naver’s popular messaging app LINE. Retailing for about a dollar, the collection features 40 new images from Tyuga that were inspired by the original Game Boy generation of games. The stickers’ release is meant to celebrate the franchise’s 20th Anniversary. The stickers appear to be region-free and feature a rare sighting of the “Medabots” name in the English version. Though it is important to note that the text in the images is still in Japanese. Read the rest of this entry »


First painted Kotobukiya Arcbeetle model kit images surface

21 11 2017

Kotobukiya announced their seventh Medarot model kit back in July with an unpainted prototype of KBT-04M Arcbeetle. At this weekend’s Miyazawa Model Exhibition 2017 Autumn trade show, the company revealed the paint scheme for the first time:

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Tenryohomare announces Medarot branded sake

3 11 2017

Imagineer has announced a partnership with Japanese brewing company Tenryohomare to produce special Medarot branded sake in celebration of the franchise’s 20th anniversary. The collaboration comes as a reference to the character Ikki Tenyro, whose name was inspired by the company. Read the rest of this entry »

Imagineer releases Medarot Classics limited edition soundtrack CD sample video

25 10 2017

Imagineer has published a 10-minute YouTube video showcasing some of the tracks you’ll hear in the “20th Anniversary Edition” of Medarot Classics.

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GEO stores to offer bonus sketch for purchasing Medarot Classics

11 10 2017

Imagineer has announced that Japanese retailer GEO will be offering a bonus sketch by Horuma Rin to people purchasing Medarot Classics at the store. The company warns that quantities are limited, so it’s best to get your purchase in early.

Amazon Japan is also offering a purchase incentive for the game.

Medarot Classics: Kabuto Version and Medarot Classics: Kuwagata Version launches for the Nintendo 3DS on December 21st. The regular editions of the game will retail for ¥4800 with the “20th Anniversary Edition” running ¥12,000.

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Amazon Japan offers bonus lanyard for purchasing Medarot Classics

3 10 2017

Internet retailer Amazon Japan has put up listings for Medarot Classics that include a bonus lanyard. Those purchasing the Kabuto Version will receive a white one with Medarot sprites from the games. Those purchasing the Kuwagata Version will receive the same design but with a black lanyard. Purchasing the “20th Anniversary Edition” will get you both.

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Ito-Yokado to sell Medarot nanaco cards

5 09 2017

Imagineer announced a partnership with Japanese retailer Ito-Yokado to sell Medarot branded nanaco cards for the franchise’s 20th anniversary. Three designs are being offered: a Kabuto themed look with a black wallet, a Kuwagata themed look with a white wallet, and a drawing by once fan artist now pro Tyuga sold exclusively with copies of Medarot Classics. The card and wallet combos cost ¥2000 each, while the game combos ¥4580 (Kabuto/Kuwagata) and ¥11,380 with the “20th Anniversary Edition.”

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