Localization Campaign

We don’t want the last Medabots game published outside of Japan to be this!

The last Medabots video game to be released outside of Japan was 2003’s Medabots: Infinity for the Nintendo GameCube. Since then, we saw the release of Shingata Medarot for the Gameboy Advance, and Medarot DS for the Nintendo DS only in Japan. This brings us back to the days prior to the debut of Medabots in 2001, where none of the video games (at that time 5 main games) were released outside of Japan. Medabots AX, Medabots: An RPG Adventure, and Medabots Infinity were published abroad by Natsume. Now, Natsume admitted they were looking over Medabots DS, but ultimately that game stayed in Japan. The latest entry, Medarot 7 for 3DS had the publisher’s attention but seems to have suffered a similar fate.

So we’re asking Medafighters from around the world to tell publishers that Medabots still has fans who love the series deeply, and want to see these new games in English. The only way we can tell those in charge that we care is by showing support for the franchise, and telling them directly by posting in these threads/articles:

Siliconera’s post on Medarot 7
Medarot 7 on Natsume’s Forums
Natsume’s Twitter Account
Natsume’s Facebook page
XSEED’s Forums


We’re also encouraging Medabots fans to petition Ghostlight for a release. The publisher has a working relationship with Rocket Company, and if they were to localize the game a North American release would surely happen. So send them an email. If you don’t know what to say we have a stock letter you can use:

Hey guys, I’m a huge Medabots fan and was wondering if it was possible for Ghostlight to pick up Medarot 7 on 3DS. You have experience working with Rocket Company, the publisher behind the game, as your release of Crash City Mayhem demonstrates. Medabots fans the world over have been campaigning for the game’s English release for a long time, and we hope you guys can help us! A localization for the UK would almost certainly solidify a release for other English speaking markets.

Thanks for reading!

But digital responses will only get you so far. A physical letter sent via the regular old mail shows a much deeper sign of passion. So if you’d like to write your own (politely worded!) letter to Natsume check out their address here:

Natsume Inc.
1818 Gilbreth Road, Suite 229
Burlingame,CA 94010

If you don’t know what to say we suggest printing out one of our sample letters. You even have the space for your own personal message. Just make sure to print it with the “Fit on Page” printer setting.

We urge all Medafighters to post on the Siliconera article, Natsume’s Forums, Twitter account, and Facebook page. As well, don’t forget to send in those letters. This is the best way to show people care, when they’re willing to put their time behind something. But first, we need to recruit Medafighters from around the world, so please spread the word.


61 responses

5 03 2012

Is this thing still running? Because i would love to support it!

13 03 2012

Yes, I’m actually going to be doing another push soon!

13 03 2012

Yes! I will be very happy to help! And i already spread the word about the campaign! To facebook, twitter, myspace even livejournal!

13 03 2012


25 07 2013

With the announce of Medarot Dual,we have our chance!Let’s try again to have Medarot in the USA and EUROPE! Let’s make Project Rising Beetle work!

29 11 2014

I’m doing the same too! Let’s still round up some medabots to tell natsume we still care. I’m even introducing to the people who don! I hope you do the same too, man!

29 11 2014

I really meant to put this, “I’m doing the same too! Let’s still round up some medabots to tell natsume we still care. I’m even introducing to the people who don’t know what a medabots is! I hope you do the same too, man!” Damn my computer.

20 05 2012

Look really cool I’ll be first to buy when u guys done :3

26 06 2012

The letter has some problems that need to be fixed, I’m just giving advise not hating or anything, some words are impossible to read because the background and the color of the text are the same. And some grammar errors.

26 06 2012

Thanks for the criticism! I knew the text was going to be a bit hard to read, so I’ll see what i can do. The grammar issues are minor, but for some reason I called Arika, “Erika”! Haha…

26 06 2012

Instead of them releasing the game here, that we have to order the game from them, so that can send you a copy. I’m willing to pay a little bit extra for that. Because I agree with Natsume: If they released the game in the West, they will make losses. That solves both problems.

26 06 2012

Now that Nintendo allows retail games to be released on the 3DS eShop there’s no reason for a mail away situation to have to happen.

23 07 2012

Does this mean that, for example, even if I live in Europe, I can download the game through the eShop?

29 08 2012

Well it looks like Natsume is looking to bring this series out of Japan if Siliconera is to be believed. We have to keep talking about this series on Siliconera and Natsumes site.

30 08 2012

I have the Metabot game for the game boy and it was epic. Come on why can’t they make it for the other countries (beside Japan) and they will make money$.

16 09 2012

i wanted the medabot 7 game NOW i buy 50 xD

18 09 2012

Loved medabots RPG haha
once I got Sumilidon claw on medabee you could easily one shot bots parts left right centre with ease.

2 10 2012

this is a brilliant idea! ill try to send a letter and draw a picture to post onto deviant art with a link to here to try and recruit more people, is there an online petition as well?

2 10 2012

Online petitions rarely ever work since they can be fudged easily. Showing Natsume directly works best.

3 10 2012

i’m following this for a while and i think will this work? because i don’t see much comments in the siliconera.

5 10 2012

It’s important to not stop. Obviously a few of us can’t spam the comments section but there’s got to be constant discussion.

4 10 2012

i want medabots 7 and ikke and metabee back their are my hero`s their change`s the world en we want them back on tv are childeren need them

28 10 2012

hey, i was planning to do a let’s play on medabots ds, should i mention you’re website so that people could support you? do know that i’m a beginner let’s player.

29 10 2012

If you’d like, certainly!

29 10 2012

Okey, let’s do this!

7 12 2012

Please Natsume! Bring this game to Europe.

11 12 2012

I’d like to know more of the progress about this campaign. I have always been a huge fan of Medabots since the past 10 years and I would look forward to see more of Medabots.

11 12 2012

Natsume is aware we exist

19 12 2012

Apart from a “We thank you for sharing with us!” I never really heard from em again >.>”

11 01 2013
Jameel Prawl

Let’s do it. I’m in.

16 01 2013

Would love to see this game localized would actualy make me pul my 3ds out of its box and use it for more than twenty minuetes

30 01 2013
sammie NoTeZ

I hope they take notice. I love Medabots !!!

18 02 2013


25 03 2013
Douglas Thompson Jr

Man I hope this localization becomes a reality.

27 03 2013
Douglas Thompson Jr

Is their anyway to edit the letter. Not hating or anything its just that when I go to send it I would at least like Erica to not be “Arica”, again not hating as I’ve been a fan of Medabots from the start when I first saw the commercials for it years ago on Fox Kids and am praying that they bring it back to the US and all other countries.

29 03 2013

Ah, Arika is actually the correct spelling of her name in Japanese. It’s pronounced “Ahhreeka”. For some reason the English dub and associated releases renamed her to Erika. I don’t like that spelling because it’s very easy to read it as “Erickuh” instead of the proper pronunciation.

If you like, I can try to upload the PSD files. You’ll have to have Photoshop to edit them.

3 04 2013
Douglas Thompson Jr

Nah I’m good. I just figured it was a typo but now that I know it isn’t I’m not going to worry about editing it. Any idea when Natsume will announce their decision? I’m hoping that it’ll be when E3 is in progress or sooner.

6 04 2013

Hopefully E3. The company said they have a lot of announcements planned for that event.

22 06 2013
Brandon Ramirez

guys its not over we need to spread the word and gain more follwers for our cause. we can obtain a worldwide release but we need more people, send messages,emails,twitter + facebook,forums,anything will help our cause to get this localized!!

18 07 2013

It’s not gonna happen, sadly

20 07 2013

Please, please, do a new season of medabots and send the medabots games to Sweden. We want it! Please it will be so Nice and great. Please we really love medabots in Sweden. !!!!! Please !!!! It will be a good sale!!!

9 10 2013
Octaviano Zarate


23 11 2013
Oh Mario

Like many of you, I hope that this games comes out in English and in the United States as well. I been a fan for years and I would love a reason to finally get a 3DS or even a 2DS. This game would make me get one.

15 12 2013
Storme Paton

Hi there. can we still send our stuff through? Is it possible to get this published in the Region 2 area(UK, South Africa etc)?

17 12 2013

Yes to both questions.

25 03 2014

i realy wish they make a collection out of the 1*- 5 by 1 i meant with henry or hikaru not the gba remake that features a protagonist whom looks like henry but isn’t henry and is female. sinigata medarots no thanks those are too circular and ugly for my taste maybe make the part collection as a sub game or something i watched it over again because i felt like it.

25 03 2014

oh i forget the navi games too and eh although i don’t like ax i guess medarot g but idk

25 03 2014

technicaly it three games since both versions of ax or medabots have the same story just have exclusive medabots beside i wish we could have used redrun in the 4th game eh idk when redrun appears in the japanese game but its only 1 game i think out of blackbeetle, sulmilodon knockoff, warbeetle knockoff, those three are lowwer blkbeetle 2nd favorite anime “kilobot” compared redrun 1st the knockoffs either can be 4th or 3rd.

25 03 2014

redrun the only kilobot out of my 4 favorite i’d like to use in a medabots game or medarot by japanesse release. the rest in the anime heck no too generic but if their one only in the game when kilobots appear that weren’t shown in the anime.

18 05 2014

Of course they don’t want to localize it… It’s going to be like pulling teeth to get a Medabots game in the US, isn’t it? I LOVE the series, and have three of the four gba games. Why don’t they just TRANSLATE it and make it available for NA download?

30 07 2014

So what’s the current situation?

27 08 2014
Keith Wiggins

No campaign ever seems to last. It’s gotten to the point where I basically said “screw it” and started learning Japanese anyway.

At this rate, it’ll actually be more productive than waiting for people to translate it for me.

29 11 2014

Yeah, that’s cool because I’m learning Japanese too.

14 02 2015

I’m still in my teens and love the medabots sereis the other kids I know would love it to
If nasty me would just frickin translate it

14 02 2015

Natsume not nasty

14 02 2015

More medafighters more odds

13 10 2015
Brentt Foster

Well Medabots 9 trailer was shown just asked if they plan on bringing it to USA:)

22 01 2016

Is the adres still good, because this post is like 5 years old

23 01 2016
5 03 2019

I’ve been a medabots fan sense the English dub came to the UK i’m currently 23 nearing 24 and have started to collect the medabots/medarot games I can play without being a second console I have all the parts collection Gameboy/Gameboy Colour games and Medarot Kabuto/Kuwagata 1,2,3,4,5 of both versions I know this post is old but I do hope either we get a new translated meabots game for USA and UK or even a release of those original games

5 03 2019

I’ve also started to do my own Medabots fanfiction on Wattpad cause of my fund memories of the Medabots anime and games if you want I can leave a link to forum so any Medabots fans reading my fanfiction could support here also

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