Medarotch app available on iOS, coming soon to Android

19 09 2013


We initially were given a snippet of this app when Rocket Company announced their TGS 2013 plans, but now the company has officially announced Medarot presents Medarotch as part of Medarot DUAL‘s marketing campaign. The free smartphone application is an adaptation of the 1998 LCD toy released by Takara in Japan meant to replicate the actions a Medarotch displayed in the anime, and games. Internationally the Medarotch was known as the Medawatch.


The app intends to replicate all of the features of the LCD toy, like using the accelerometer to gain energy, playing various mini-games, and competing to gain new Medaparts. Additionally, the app will keep users up to date with the latest Medarot news, and allow them to listen to the classic 8-bit music from the original Gameboy games. The app allows users to change the look of the Medarotch from the classic style worn by Ikki Tenyrou, to other styles that were originally available when the toy launched.

Medarot presents Medarotch is currently available for download on iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5 models in addition to 5th generation iPod Touch models, and all iPad models at least running iOS 4.3. The Android version is set to be released later this month, and will be compatible with all devices running the 2.3 operating system or higher. Medarot DUAL will be available on Nintendo 3DS starting November 14th for 6,090yen in Japan.

Via: iTunes, Medarotsha, and Inside Games




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