Natsume Explains Why Recent Medarot Games Haven’t Been Localized; Confirms Virtual Console Plans

2 04 2015

Over the last few years we’ve seen Natsume express interest in the localization of Medarot games on the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, that interest has yet to materialize itself in the form of western video game releases. Natsume has stated on more than one occasion that was by no fault of their own. While their answers left room for speculation, they never elaborated on the exact reason … until now. In an interview with video game podcast Fragments of Silicon, Graham Markay, Director of Operations at Natsume, discussed a whole host of topics, including a few Medarot fans will want to hear the answer to. Read the rest of this entry »


Natsume President Comments On The Status Of Medabots In The West

14 03 2015

Speaking to niche video game website Siliconera, Natsume Inc. President and CEO Hiro Maekawa discussed the status of the Medarot franchise in the west:

“At this point, we do not have a concrete plan for future Medabots titles, but we are carefully listening to fans voices and we know the team over there and would love the opportunity to bring a new Medabots game to the U.S. one day. Once again we have spent time, money, and love on that franchise, and we want to see it move forward just as much as our fans do,” Maekawa explains. “I know this isn’t the answer Medabots fans wanted, but stay tuned, because there will be some Medabots news in 2015. Keep an eye out!”

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“No current Medabots [games] will be localized,” says Natsume

21 08 2014

With Medarot 8 set to hit Japanese retail next week, fans are anxious about the localization potential for the latest Nintendo 3DS game. After all, the game acts as yet another reboot to the franchise’s lore but still offers some familiar mascot robots like Metabee and Rokusho. It should be a shoe-in for localization, right? Well, mirroring what we’ve heard before, Natsume has shut that down:

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Natsume’s disinterest in recent Medarot games was not due to sales concerns

6 12 2013

vlcsnap-2013-06-18-03h18m32s66As I’m sure many of you are aware Project Rising Beetle isn’t just devoted to covering the latest Medarot news from Japan and around the world. The blog was initially started in support of an ongoing localization campaign to try to push for western releases of the games. Over two years later our efforts have yet to bare fruit.

One of the biggest blows to our campaign happened earlier this year when the publisher we were primarily targeting stated that they had “no plans to localize any current Medabots games.” Read the rest of this entry »

Natsume reaffirms their distinterest in modern Medarot games, including Medarot DUAL

16 08 2013

Just before E3 2013 North American publisher Natsume responded to a fan asking about Medarot 7’s localization potential. The fan got a response, “It doesn’t look like Medabots 7 is in the cards. Hopefully maybe the next one.” which dashed the fandom’s hope for a localization. However, the second part of the comment made some fans keep the faith, and hopes were raised again when Medarot DUAL was announced for 3DS a few weeks later. Unfortunately it appears Natsume were not aware of that pending announcement as the company has responded to a fan asking about Medarot Dual stating, “There are no plans to localize any current Medabots games.” Curiously, the company later added that the decision to not release Medarot 7 wasn’t their’s to make. We’ve asked the publisher to expand on what they meant, but as of this writing they did not respond. That could mean a few things, from someone else picking up the game, to Imagineer not being responsive towards foreign releases. So we reached out to the official Japanese Medarot Twitter account for a comment, but also saw no response.

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Localization Campaign Section Revived!

26 10 2012

A few weeks ago a major remodel of the Localization Campaign section of the blog occured! In our attempts to get Natsume to localize and release Medarot 7 in the west we’ve now come up with new videos, and letters to support our cause.

We’ve also launched a new Tumblr blog in addition to our existing Twitter, Facebook and our forums. Here is the summary video, and a coloured/grayscale letter for people to send in:

Project Rising Beetle has officially launched!

7 08 2011

Hi Medafighters, I’m pleased to say that after taking longer than I expected, Project Rising Beetle is finally completed! The site is now fully operational with these swell pages:

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Localization Campaign

Medabots fans around the world try to get the latest Medabots games localized in a language they can understand!

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