Global Medarot Video Game Sales Surpass 3 Million Copies

23 03 2015

RPGS02_表1-4_OLThe cover of Role Playing Gameside Vol. 2 states that the Medarot video game series has sold more than 3 million units globally. The Japanese magazine will contain a 21-page retrospective on the franchise’s past 17 years in addition to an interview with Medarot series artist Horuma Rin.

Created by Imagineer and Natsume, the Medarot games series started in 1997 on the Nintendo Gameboy. Since then the series has grown to encompass over 20 individual games. The latest entry, Medarot 8, launched on Nintendo 3DS in Japan last August. Read the rest of this entry »

Medarot 8 Stars New Hero; First Images Revealed

28 05 2014


Yesterday morning we received word on that Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu had announced Medarot 8 for Nintendo 3DS. As is usually the case in those early leaks, details were scarce. Famtisu uploaded their preview of the magazine article, which reveals some new details as well as a better look at the game. As previously stated, the game will feature a detective theme with revamped visuals for the world and Medarot game models. Read the rest of this entry »

Kotobukiya’s next Medarot model kit is Saikachis

2 03 2014

xl93jqo Kotobukiya took to the 2014 Winter Wonder Festival in Japan to show off their newest model kits, including their Cyandog release. The company announced the sixth entry into their Medarot lineup, as KBT05-M Saikachis will be receiving a 1/6 scale model kit later this year.
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Medarot Episode 2 anime fansub now available

2 03 2014

vlcsnap-2014-03-02-14h41m13s238 rung in 2014 in style, as the fansub group released the long awaited second episode of the Medarot anime. ‘Revenge of the Screws’ sees Ikki and Metabee dealing with their new-found fame after their victory over the Medarot thieves, but naturally this draws the attention of some unruly people. Can Metabee and Ikki overcome their differences to get another victory?
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Help needed for a potential fan translation of the first Medarot game

20 09 2013

Box-Medarot1Kabuto Back in 1997 on the Nintendo Gameboy Imagineer launched Medarot, an RPG starring Hikaru Agata and his Metal Beetle. That sparked the entire franchise of followup games, anime, manga, toys, and trading cards. Despite this important game receiving an enhanced port in 1999 to the Wonderswan, and a re-imagining in 2004 on the Gameboy Advance this entry has remained Japan-only. A fan going by the username Variant would like to change that. Using resources from a previous attempt at translating the game, Variant has already created English tiles, and a way to dump the Japanese text. Unfortunately, he’s not able to translate the text, and would like someone else to play through the game. If you’re able to help, send Variant an email at
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Medarot DUAL’s gameplay system detailed with new footage

13 09 2013

Rocket Company’s updated the official Medarot DUAL website to include an extensive demonstration of the gameplay system. As mentioned in the past, rather than being a relay based RPG like most Medarot games, DUAL is an action title with a focus on ranged gun play for the Kabuto release, and a more up close melee combat for the Kuwagata version. Over fourteen Youtube videos, and thirty images the company showed some of the options given to players in combat and customization. Additionally, the company shared footage of a dual Robattle consisting of teams of two competing against each other. As going through fourteen short clips isn’t much fun I’ve decided to edit them all together:

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XSEED’s not interested in localizing modern Medarot games

27 08 2013


While XSEED weren’t the company we devoted the majority of our campaigning to, they were a target. So a fan on Facebook contacted the company about a potential localization of Medarot DUAL on 3DS. The company’s page responded by saying:

Sorry, but not likely. We don’t have anyone here familiar with that series, so without an in-house “cheerleader” stubbornly withholding the office Dragonball-themed cookies until everyone else caves, the series will never be put up to a vote, much less approved.

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