Kotobukiya’s next Medarot model kit is Saikachis

2 03 2014

xl93jqo Kotobukiya took to the 2014 Winter Wonder Festival in Japan to show off their newest model kits, including their Cyandog release. The company announced the sixth entry into their Medarot lineup, as KBT05-M Saikachis will be receiving a 1/6 scale model kit later this year.
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Medarot Episode 2 anime fansub now available

2 03 2014

Robo.ms rung in 2014 in style, as the fansub group released the long awaited second episode of the Medarot anime. ‘Revenge of the Screws’ sees Ikki and Metabee dealing with their new-found fame after their victory over the Medarot thieves, but naturally this draws the attention of some unruly people. Can Metabee and Ikki overcome their differences to get another victory?
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Help needed for a potential fan translation of the first Medarot game

20 09 2013

Box-Medarot1Kabuto Back in 1997 on the Nintendo Gameboy Imagineer launched Medarot, an RPG starring Hikaru Agata and his Metal Beetle. That sparked the entire franchise of followup games, anime, manga, toys, and trading cards. Despite this important game receiving an enhanced port in 1999 to the Wonderswan, and a re-imagining in 2004 on the Gameboy Advance this entry has remained Japan-only. A fan going by the username Variant would like to change that. Using resources from a previous attempt at translating the game, Variant has already created English tiles, and a way to dump the Japanese text. Unfortunately, he’s not able to translate the text, and would like someone else to play through the game. If you’re able to help, send Variant an email at medarot1tp@yahoo.ca.
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Medarot DUAL’s gameplay system detailed with new footage

13 09 2013

Rocket Company’s updated the official Medarot DUAL website to include an extensive demonstration of the gameplay system. As mentioned in the past, rather than being a relay based RPG like most Medarot games, DUAL is an action title with a focus on ranged gun play for the Kabuto release, and a more up close melee combat for the Kuwagata version. Over fourteen Youtube videos, and thirty images the company showed some of the options given to players in combat and customization. Additionally, the company shared footage of a dual Robattle consisting of teams of two competing against each other. As going through fourteen short clips isn’t much fun I’ve decided to edit them all together:

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XSEED’s not interested in localizing modern Medarot games

27 08 2013


While XSEED weren’t the company we devoted the majority of our campaigning to, they were a target. So a fan on Facebook contacted the company about a potential localization of Medarot DUAL on 3DS. The company’s page responded by saying:

Sorry, but not likely. We don’t have anyone here familiar with that series, so without an in-house “cheerleader” stubbornly withholding the office Dragonball-themed cookies until everyone else caves, the series will never be put up to a vote, much less approved.

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Natsume reaffirms their distinterest in modern Medarot games, including Medarot DUAL

16 08 2013

Just before E3 2013 North American publisher Natsume responded to a fan asking about Medarot 7′s localization potential. The fan got a response, “It doesn’t look like Medabots 7 is in the cards. Hopefully maybe the next one.” which dashed the fandom’s hope for a localization. However, the second part of the comment made some fans keep the faith, and hopes were raised again when Medarot DUAL was announced for 3DS a few weeks later. Unfortunately it appears Natsume were not aware of that pending announcement as the company has responded to a fan asking about Medarot Dual stating, “There are no plans to localize any current Medabots games.” Curiously, the company later added that the decision to not release Medarot 7 wasn’t their’s to make. We’ve asked the publisher to expand on what they meant, but as of this writing they did not respond. That could mean a few things, from someone else picking up the game, to Imagineer not being responsive towards foreign releases. So we reached out to the official Japanese Medarot Twitter account for a comment, but also saw no response.

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Medarot DUAL’s official site opens, reveals new screenshots and preorder swag

30 07 2013

medarot dual headerAs if the new shots from Amazon Japan weren’t enough, the official Medarot website has updated to include a section on Medarot DUAL. While the site doesn’t share a whole lot on new details for the project we do get to see some of snazzy preorder, and first run bonuses available to customers. Elaborating on what was initially revealed in Famitsu, the pre-order bonus is a binder with two special AR cards that give you in-game Medarot parts if you scan them. Like many things, the cards you get depend on the version you get. Kabuto owners can expect A-Burage and Fancyroll, with Kuwagata owners getting Noir Katze and Kuu-Kentaurus.

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Amazon Japan reveals Medarot DUAL’s box art, and additional screenshots

29 07 2013

imageWe’re in the midst of the Medarot DUAL marketing campaign, and the Japanese version of Amazon has just put up their listings for the Kuwagata, and Kabuto versions of the game. In doing so the site has given us a high resolution version of the box art we’ve previously seen in the Famitsu scans in addition to some more screenshots:
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Medarot 7 Manga’s Second Chapter Fan-translated Into English

27 07 2013

It’s been a while since community member Heated Phoenix released the first chapter of the Medarot 7 manga into English, and today’s the day when chapter 2 is released. You’ll remember that the manga series ran from the August to October issues of Saikyo Jump, with a special one shot coming in the January issue. Created by Tanaka Yasuki, the series stars Azuma and Metabee as their friendship is put to the test when a meteorite collides into their town… Or not. This chapter sees Azuma take on Himuro Kohaku and his Rokusho, but what happens when the Robo Robo gang joins in? You can download the entire second chapter in English here, or see it embedded below:
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Natsume passes on localizing Medarot 7

6 06 2013

Responding to a comment from a fan on Facebook hoping for a Medarot 7 announcement at E3, the company responded with a disheartening reply:

"It doesn't look like Medabots 7 is in the cards. Hopefully maybe the next one."

“It doesn’t look like Medabots 7 is in the cards. Hopefully maybe the next one.”

Not exactly the response we were hoping for, especially after the company expressed interest in the game … The reply isn’t all negative, saying that there’s a chance for future games in the series to receive a localization. Unfortunately, I’m not too optimistic on the chances of that coming true. Medarot 7 was a very special case in that it was a 15th Anniversary title that ignored the events of the previous unlocalized entry, Medarot DS. I don’t think we’ll get another chance to see a game where that will be the case, nor do I expect Metabee and Rokusho, two recognizable faces for western audiences to be the mascots for a potential Medarot 8.
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