Medarot: Girls Mission Manga Announced

27 01 2016


The preview for Dengeki Maoh’s April 2016 issue has announced a Medarot: Girls Mission manga. The series will begin in the same issue and be drawn by Z-ton. No plot synopsis or series length were shared. Read the rest of this entry »


Medarot: Girls Mission Famitsu Scans Surface

9 01 2016

We’ve already seen the blurry camera shots and the official preview, but now we have clean scans of Famitsu’s Medarot: Girls Mission coverage.

Click the images to see a bigger view:

As previously stated, the game is an action spinoff similar to Medarot Dual. Various attacks are mapped to the A-B-X-Y face buttons on the 3DS. While you’ve got full control over your Medarot, win conditions are still the same: either incapacitate the competition or inflict the most damage. You’ll be able to do this through the game’s extensive customization features. Over 100 Medarot will be featured in the game, all allowing you to swap arms, legs heads, etc. You’ll earn them by competing in the game’s various battles, including 2-on-2 ones. Read the rest of this entry » previews Medarot: Girls Mission

6 01 2016

Following leaks from this week’s issue, Famitsu and Rocket Company have officially announced Medarot: Girls Mission. The magazine’s website is currently hosting an article preview alongside our first look at the game itself:


The previews reiterate that it’s a dramatic action game where over 20 girls will compete to win the Artemis Cup.

Girls Mission will launch in the traditional Kabuto Ver. and Kuwagata Ver. format. Unlike prior entries, however, is that there will be a noticeable difference between releases. Alongside a different Medarot, you will play as a different character in a different story. Those buying the Kabuto Ver. will be treated to a setting in Joyou Agricultural High School, while Kuwagata players will see a tale told in Teikou High School. Read the rest of this entry »

Medarot: Girls Mission announced for 3DS

4 01 2016

1451904956861sDespite Medarot 9 having just launched on December 26, 2015, Rocket Company aren’t taking any time off. This week’s Famitsu will announce Medarot: Girls Mission, a new action game for Nintendo 3DS. As the name implies, the game will be focused on female characters. Over 20 of them, in fact, as they compete to win the Artemis Cup. Read the rest of this entry »