First Medarot Manga Receives English Fan Translation

29 03 2015

Community members Kimbles and Tobias have come together to bring the original Medarot manga to English readers for the first time! Chronicling the events of Hikaru Agata, the first manga series in the franchise was created by Horuma Rin between June 1997 and April 1999. You can read chapter 1: “My Friend is a Robot” at Batoto or embedded below: Read the rest of this entry »

Global Medarot Video Game Sales Surpass 3 Million Copies

23 03 2015

RPGS02_่กจ1-4_OLThe cover of Role Playing Gameside Vol. 2 states that the Medarot video game series has sold more than 3 million units globally. The Japanese magazine will contain a 21-page retrospective on the franchise’s past 17 years in addition to an interview with Medarot series artist Horuma Rin.

Created by Imagineer and Natsume, the Medarot games series started in 1997 on the Nintendo Gameboy. Since then the series has grown to encompass over 20 individual games. The latest entry, Medarot 8, launched on Nintendo 3DS in Japan last August. Read the rest of this entry »

Medarot 8 Website Opens To Reveal Box Art, Manga And More

6 06 2014


Earlier in the week, Rocket Company opened up the Medarot 8 website. While it’s far from complete, it does shed some new details on the upcoming 3DS game, as well as its related products. As always, the game will ship in two versions, Kabuto and Kuwagata, with slight variations in content between the two. The mascot Medarot for this release are Metabee and Rokusho. Read the rest of this entry »

Medarot 8 Stars New Hero; First Images Revealed

28 05 2014


Yesterday morning we received word on that Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu had announced Medarot 8 for Nintendo 3DS. As is usually the case in those early leaks, details were scarce. Famtisu uploaded their preview of the magazine article, which reveals some new details as well as a better look at the game. As previously stated, the game will feature a detective theme with revamped visuals for the world and Medarot game models. Read the rest of this entry »

Garutman, and Right Soutatsu Medarot DUAL gameplay videos

29 11 2013

Rocket Company have updated the Medarot section of the Medarot DUAL website for one last time. The final pair of Medarot that the company wants players to see are FJN00_M Garutman, and GAL00_N Right Soutatsu. Both are relative newcomers to the franchise with Garutman having debuted in Medarot 7, and Right Soutatsu being a Medarot DUAL debut.

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Medarot DUAL’s DLC detailed

10 11 2013

As we’ve previously reported, Medarot DUAL has some DLC featuring classic characters from the franchise that you can battle, and make part of your team. Rocket Company has updated the offical site to detail the release dates for the downloadable content:


The first set of DLC will be free for all users to download starting on November 14th. Background characters from Medarot 7 Datenshi, Sessha, and Net-Juu have been renamed to Richia, Fusube, and Kirin. It’s currently unknown as to which Medarot this group will use.

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Little Lacy, Kanehachi MK2, and Chapero Rouge Medarot DUAL gameplay videos

10 11 2013

Rocket Company have updated the Medarot section of the Medarot DUAL website to include gameplay demonstrations for ALC00_F Little Lacy, CLA01_M Kanehachi MK2 (known in English as Octoclam), and RED01_F Chapero Rouge. Little Lacy, and Chapero Rouge are new Medarots debuting in Medarot DUAL, and both are based off of classic pieces of literature. Little Lacy is based on Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and Chapero Rouge is an obvious nod to Little Red Riding Hood.

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