Natsume Explains Why Recent Medarot Games Haven’t Been Localized; Confirms Virtual Console Plans

2 04 2015

Over the last few years we’ve seen Natsume express interest in the localization of Medarot games on the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, that interest has yet to materialize itself in the form of western video game releases. Natsume has stated on more than one occasion that was by no fault of their own. While their answers left room for speculation, they never elaborated on the exact reason … until now. In an interview with video game podcast Fragments of Silicon, Graham Markay, Director of Operations at Natsume, discussed a whole host of topics, including a few Medarot fans will want to hear the answer to. Read the rest of this entry »


Natsume passes on localizing Medarot 7

6 06 2013

Responding to a comment from a fan on Facebook hoping for a Medarot 7 announcement at E3, the company responded with a disheartening reply:

"It doesn't look like Medabots 7 is in the cards. Hopefully maybe the next one."

“It doesn’t look like Medabots 7 is in the cards. Hopefully maybe the next one.”

Not exactly the response we were hoping for, especially after the company expressed interest in the game … The reply isn’t all negative, saying that there’s a chance for future games in the series to receive a localization. Unfortunately, I’m not too optimistic on the chances of that coming true. Medarot 7 was a very special case in that it was a 15th Anniversary title that ignored the events of the previous unlocalized entry, Medarot DS. I don’t think we’ll get another chance to see a game where that will be the case, nor do I expect Metabee and Rokusho, two recognizable faces for western audiences to be the mascots for a potential Medarot 8.
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Localization Campaign Section Revived!

26 10 2012

A few weeks ago a major remodel of the Localization Campaign section of the blog occured! In our attempts to get Natsume to localize and release Medarot 7 in the west we’ve now come up with new videos, and letters to support our cause.

We’ve also launched a new Tumblr blog in addition to our existing Twitter, Facebook and our forums. Here is the summary video, and a coloured/grayscale letter for people to send in:

Imagineer reports lower sales, blames the lack of Medarot titles

8 01 2012

Let’s kick off 2012 (15 years since Medarot was first released on GameBoy) with some goods news!

Imagineer, the owner of the Medarot franchise via its Rocket Company video game publishing company reported their Q3 2011 fiscal results a while back, and surprisingly, Medarot means a lot to the company. This year Imagineer has been posting their quarterly results, and we can compare some things. Let’s start this off with Q2 2011 compared to Q2 2010. For those who don’t know the business lingo, sales quarters are broken up into blocks of 4 with 3 months each. So quarter 2 corresponds to April, May, and June sales periods. Read the rest of this entry »

Project Rising Beetle has officially launched!

7 08 2011

Hi Medafighters, I’m pleased to say that after taking longer than I expected, Project Rising Beetle is finally completed! The site is now fully operational with these swell pages:

Medabots Awareness Month

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International Day of Robattle

Medabots fans around the world gather to recall all their favourite memories and help #Medabots, and #RisingBeetle trending on Twitter!

Localization Campaign

Medabots fans around the world try to get the latest Medabots games localized in a language they can understand!

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