Additional information about upcoming Spanish “Medabots” smartphone game

23 01 2021

While most of us only came to know about Kevin Comadrán’s Medabots project earlier this month, it turns out he’s been promoting it in a lowkey fashion for nearly a year. An official website has been set up, offering email notifications for the game’s launch on Android and iOS “about one month.” The developers have also launched social media pages across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Read the rest of this entry »

Imagineer involved in European Medabots trademark dispute

13 01 2021

A battle for the right to release Medabots branded content in Europe has begun. Medarot IP holder Imagineer has announced plans to fight a European legal decision that ruled the publisher would not be allowed to market products in the continent under the Medabots and Medarot banner. The European Medabots trademark has been held by Kevin Comadrán de Frutos (henceforth, Comadrán), of Spain, since January 2018. Read the rest of this entry »