Second Medarot 7 WiFi event detailed

10 12 2012

image3Following the conclusion of the first Medarot 7 WiFi event the second one has been announced and is now available in Japan. This event will have players tackle enemy Medarot from the manga series including Rouge Katze, Beast Master, and Chuugen Haoh. Users will also get a shot at winning rival Kohaku’s Medarot, so Kabuto Version owners will get a shot at winning Maasai Moran, and Kuwagata Version owners will get a shot at winning Machairodus. This WiFi event will run until January 2, 2013. Read the rest of this entry »


First Medarot 7 WiFi event detailed

10 11 2012

The official Medarot 7 website has announced alongside Saikyo JUMP, Rocket Company will be hosting WiFi events for the recently released game. The first runs November 2, through December 12 in Japan. This event has players face off against Level-99 variants of Metabee, and Rokusho. Participants will also get the opportunity to win the opposite starting model (say you buy Kabuto, you get a shot at earning Rokusho and vice versa) as well as a special medal. More post launch events are scheduled for early 2013, check back to Project Rising Beetle for more info.
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Imagineer pleased with Medarot 7 sales

1 11 2012

Imagineer, owner of video game publisher Rocket Company released their fiscal year 2012 results on Halloween. In regards to Medarot 7’s sales, the company said they were pleased with the amount it was selling, and that the title was doing well with both returning fans, as well as new fans. This is in contrast to sales reports that gave the game a low sell through. As of this week the game should have cleared 100,000 units since launch in Japan.

Medarot 7’s reception

23 09 2012

Medarot 7’s currently out in Japan, and of course we’ve got some reviews, and sales figures to look over. On the review front famed Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu gave the game a solid 8/8/7/7 score totaling to 30/40. This score actually happens to be the exact same as what Medarot DS received in 2010. 4gamer reader reviews give the game an 85 compared to DS’s 75. After 25 user reviews has Medarot 7 at a great 4 stars out of 5. Comparatively, Medarot DS has a 3.5 from 19 ratings. Read the rest of this entry »

Medarot 7 manga chapter 3 preview released + collected release in Medarot 7 guidebook

19 09 2012

Saikyo Jump has released a five page preview of the final chapter of the Medarot 7 manga. The three chapter series by Tanaka Yasuki followed Azuma on a new quest. Read the rest of this entry »

Nintendo Direct Medarot 7 footage + Japanese eShop demo

31 08 2012

During yesterday morning’s Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata delivered some new footage of Medarot 7. The new video shows off new battles, and exploration alongside some familiar faces like Black Beetle and Rokks.

With this new footage also came a eShop demo available to download for Japanese 3DS owners. The demo walks you through an early portion of the game where Azuma gets his first Medarot. Interestingly, it’s not Gun-Nose … You can see some gameplay of the demo below: Read the rest of this entry »

Official Medarot 7 website updates to give us new info, screenshots, and videos

29 08 2012

The official website for Medarot 7 has updated its’ system section to reveal some important information. The major change to the battle system is a new combo based mechanic (originally teased in the Saikyo V-JUMP Festa demo) involves using 2 parts at the same time when reaching the attacking line, in exchange for it taking longer to charge/cooldown. In addition, returning gameplay mechanics such as the Medaforce, and Medachange (the ability to transform) were demonstrated in a variety of gameplay videos:

(Note: There is some audio in this video, it’s just really low for the most part. As well, video compression ruined some of the part screens) Read the rest of this entry »