Medarot DUAL’s DLC detailed

10 11 2013

As we’ve previously reported, Medarot DUAL has some DLC featuring classic characters from the franchise that you can battle, and make part of your team. Rocket Company has updated the offical site to detail the release dates for the downloadable content:


The first set of DLC will be free for all users to download starting on November 14th. Background characters from Medarot 7 Datenshi, Sessha, and Net-Juu have been renamed to Richia, Fusube, and Kirin. It’s currently unknown as to which Medarot this group will use.

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Little Lacy, Kanehachi MK2, and Chapero Rouge Medarot DUAL gameplay videos

10 11 2013

Rocket Company have updated the Medarot section of the Medarot DUAL website to include gameplay demonstrations for ALC00_F Little Lacy, CLA01_M Kanehachi MK2 (known in English as Octoclam), and RED01_F Chapero Rouge. Little Lacy, and Chapero Rouge are new Medarots debuting in Medarot DUAL, and both are based off of classic pieces of literature. Little Lacy is based on Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and Chapero Rouge is an obvious nod to Little Red Riding Hood.

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Fancyroll, Noir Katze, and Mi-Leviathan Medarot DUAL gameplay videos

2 11 2013

Rocket Company have updated the Medarot section of the Medarot DUAL website to include gameplay demonstrations for FSL00_F Fancyroll (known as Fossilkat in English releases), BCT00_F Noir Katze, and LWT00_M Mi-Leviathan. The latter of which is exclusive to the Kuwagata version of the game:

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Medarot DUAL Demo Gameplay Footage

15 10 2013

Nico Nico Douga personality Gatchman666 was given the chance to record direct feed footage of the Medarot DUAL TGS demo, and shared it with the world in two videos:

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Medarot DUAL’s gameplay system detailed with new footage

13 09 2013

Rocket Company’s updated the official Medarot DUAL website to include an extensive demonstration of the gameplay system. As mentioned in the past, rather than being a relay based RPG like most Medarot games, DUAL is an action title with a focus on ranged gun play for the Kabuto release, and a more up close melee combat for the Kuwagata version. Over fourteen Youtube videos, and thirty images the company showed some of the options given to players in combat and customization. Additionally, the company shared footage of a dual Robattle consisting of teams of two competing against each other. As going through fourteen short clips isn’t much fun I’ve decided to edit them all together:

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Natsume reaffirms their distinterest in modern Medarot games, including Medarot DUAL

16 08 2013

Just before E3 2013 North American publisher Natsume responded to a fan asking about Medarot 7’s localization potential. The fan got a response, “It doesn’t look like Medabots 7 is in the cards. Hopefully maybe the next one.” which dashed the fandom’s hope for a localization. However, the second part of the comment made some fans keep the faith, and hopes were raised again when Medarot DUAL was announced for 3DS a few weeks later. Unfortunately it appears Natsume were not aware of that pending announcement as the company has responded to a fan asking about Medarot Dual stating, “There are no plans to localize any current Medabots games.” Curiously, the company later added that the decision to not release Medarot 7 wasn’t their’s to make. We’ve asked the publisher to expand on what they meant, but as of this writing they did not respond. That could mean a few things, from someone else picking up the game, to Imagineer not being responsive towards foreign releases. So we reached out to the official Japanese Medarot Twitter account for a comment, but also saw no response.

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Medarot DUAL’s official site opens, reveals new screenshots and preorder swag

30 07 2013

medarot dual headerAs if the new shots from Amazon Japan weren’t enough, the official Medarot website has updated to include a section on Medarot DUAL. While the site doesn’t share a whole lot on new details for the project we do get to see some of snazzy preorder, and first run bonuses available to customers. Elaborating on what was initially revealed in Famitsu, the pre-order bonus is a binder with two special AR cards that give you in-game Medarot parts if you scan them. Like many things, the cards you get depend on the version you get. Kabuto owners can expect A-Burage and Fancyroll, with Kuwagata owners getting Noir Katze and Kuu-Kentaurus.

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