LINE Akindo Sei no Little Peso launches Medarot event

21 12 2017

To celebrate Medarot’s 20th Anniversary, Imagineer and SoWhat have launched a themed event in the latter’s LINE Akindo Sei no Little Peso smartphone game. From December 21st to December 28th, players can get avatars based on the franchise.

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Medarot Classics 1.1 patch now available

21 12 2017

Today is the official launch date for Medarot Classics in Japan and Imagineer has updated the game to verison 1.1. The patch fixes some rendering glitches and the processing speed. It does not appear that this is the previously mentioned software update that adds multi-player support or the speed up functionality for original Nintendo 3DS units.

To update the game, launch your 3DS camera application by simultaneously pressing down on the L and R buttons. When there, click the QR code icon on the left side of the bottom screen. Scan the following code that’s right for the version of the game you own.

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Imagineer launches Weekly Medarot Broadcast column featuring new manga, design contest

11 12 2017

Imagineer has announced a collaboration with the mobile app Manga HOT to launch Weekly Medarot Broadcast, a column the company will begin in late December. It’ll feature reader participation as well as two new manga series, Medarot Short (working title) by franchise staple Horuma Rin and Medarot Re – Reloaded by franchise newcomer Hakubayashi. The latter was described as starring Rokuyo Kagami, a former Medarot great, aiming to win the World Robattle Cup. The company shared a preview image of the series:
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Medarot Classics to get post-launch patch to add multiplayer, original 3DS speed-up support

9 12 2017

Imagineer has announced that Medarot Classics will not launch with multiplayer support. The company has apologized and explains that the feature will be added through a patch later.

In addition, Imagineer has retracted their previous statement regarding compatibility for the collection’s Speed Feature. Original 3DS models will be able to hasten gameplay after all. This will also be added in a patch after release.

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Medarot Classics trailer released

1 12 2017

Imagineer has launched the first trailer for the upcoming Medarot Classics compilation on the company’s official YouTube channel. The video highlights gameplay footage from the included five games.

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Medarot stickers launch on LINE

27 11 2017

Earlier this morning, Imagineer launched a set of digital Medarot stickers on Naver’s popular messaging app LINE. Retailing for about a dollar, the collection features 40 new images from Tyuga that were inspired by the original Game Boy generation of games. The stickers’ release is meant to celebrate the franchise’s 20th Anniversary. The stickers appear to be region-free and feature a rare sighting of the “Medabots” name in the English version. Though it is important to note that the text in the images is still in Japanese. Read the rest of this entry »

First painted Kotobukiya Arcbeetle model kit images surface

21 11 2017

Kotobukiya announced their seventh Medarot model kit back in July with an unpainted prototype of KBT-04M Arcbeetle. At this weekend’s Miyazawa Model Exhibition 2017 Autumn trade show, the company revealed the paint scheme for the first time:

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