GraffArt reveals Medarot product line

13 11 2018

Following last week’s announcement, GraffArt has revealed their Medarot product line. Here are the goods available: Read the rest of this entry »


Official Medarot series website adds countdown teaser

10 11 2018

The official Medarot franchise web portal,, has updated with a countdown clock ticking to November 28th, 2018.

November 28th marks the 21st anniversary of the original Medarot game’s debut on the Gameboy. Imagineer has a variety of festivities planned, from the start of the Medarot Club Room 2018 @ Kichijōji event and the debut of a new line of merchandise from GraffArt. The company has also teased a Medarot announcement.

Medarot Club Room exhibition announced

9 11 2018

Imagineer has announced Medarot Club Room 2018 @ Kichijōji, a five-day event to be held at the Cocomaru Theater & Cafe in Kichijōji, Tokyo. Production art from the various games will be displayed, alongside insights on the development of them. Fans will also get the chance to meet up, share Medarot memories, as well as buy merchandise. Read the rest of this entry »

GraffArt announces Medarot product line

5 11 2018

Japanese merchandise company A3 has announced a new Medarot product line to be produced under their GraffArt brand. Little was shared about the kind of items that’ll be made, though the company has previously manufactured badges, phone cases, power banks, key chains, clear files, etc. The company published a key visual (left) to promote the announcement.

The Medarot merchandise will go on sale starting November 28th at the GraffArt Shop and A3 Market. The line will be unveiled in the near future.

GraffArt merchandise is known for its use of chalky, scribble-like graffiti visual designs. Read the rest of this entry »

Imagineer teases possible Medarot announcement for November 28th

3 10 2018

medarot 20th anniversary logo

In an interview with Famitsu, Imagineer’s Hiroyuki Hashida teases a Medarot-related announcement for November 28th. Commenting on the 20th Anniversary, he notes that the company started it off with the release of Medarot Classics and the redesigned website. He says that the company is making various arrangements to possibly announce something on November 28th, the day the original Medarot video game launched on the Game Boy in 1997. No other details were shared.

Throughout 2018, Imagineer has been celebrating the property’s 20th anniversary, through new model kits and the ongoing Weekly Medarot Broadcast, which serializes the Medarot Tepid and Medarot Re – Reloaded manga. The company recently issued a survey asking fans about their views regarding the franchise. Read the rest of this entry »

Medarotters Fan Club issues survey about the franchise’s future

25 09 2018

Members of the Japan-only Medarotters Fan Club operated by Imagineer have received an email containing a survey regarding the future of the Medarot franchise. It starts with personal questions for demographic breakdown (age, gender, marital/parental status), your favourite hobbies (anime, music, games, sports, gambling, etc.), which video games and platforms you’ve recently played and where you get information about the latest games from. Read the rest of this entry »

Kotobukiya Tyrelbeetle due out in January, can form MasterBeetle

19 09 2018

Following its announcement at the Summer Wonder Festival, Kotobukiya has formally announced its latest Medarot model kit, KWG06-C Tyrelbeetle. Due out in January, the 1/6 scale 195mm tall model kit will retail for 5,500 yen (excluding tax). It was designed by designed by Mitsunobu Tamura.

Tyrelbeetle includes three swappable visors, three pairs of fists as well as four attachable beam spikes.  Like the other kits in the line, it also supports parts from the earlier releases. Tyrelbeetle also supports the Medachange transformation ability. More so, it can be combined with Kotobukiya’s upcoming Arcbeetle Dash kit to form MasterBeetle. Read the rest of this entry »