Medarotters Fan Club issues survey about the franchise’s future

25 09 2018

Members of the Japan-only Medarotters Fan Club operated by Imagineer have received an email containing a survey regarding the future of the Medarot franchise. It starts with personal questions for demographic breakdown (age, gender, marital/parental status), your favourite hobbies (anime, music, games, sports, gambling, etc.), which video games and platforms you’ve recently played and where you get information about the latest games from. Read the rest of this entry »


Help needed for a potential fan translation of the first Medarot game

20 09 2013

Box-Medarot1Kabuto Back in 1997 on the Nintendo Gameboy Imagineer launched Medarot, an RPG starring Hikaru Agata and his Metal Beetle. That sparked the entire franchise of followup games, anime, manga, toys, and trading cards. Despite this important game receiving an enhanced port in 1999 to the Wonderswan, and a re-imagining in 2004 on the Gameboy Advance this entry has remained Japan-only. A fan going by the username Variant would like to change that. Using resources from a previous attempt at translating the game, Variant has already created English tiles, and a way to dump the Japanese text. Unfortunately, he’s not able to translate the text, and would like someone else to play through the game. If you’re able to help, send Variant an email at
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