Additional information about upcoming Spanish “Medabots” smartphone game

23 01 2021

While most of us only came to know about Kevin Comadrán’s Medabots project earlier this month, it turns out he’s been promoting it in a lowkey fashion for nearly a year. An official website has been set up, offering email notifications for the game’s launch on Android and iOS “about one month.” The developers have also launched social media pages across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The game follows the child of a former World Robattle Champion, who finally allows them to buy a Medabot. From there, the player builds up their arsenal, first competing against the locals and eventually entering organized tournaments called the Medalympics. You’ll encounter unique characters along the way, including Rennard, a tough rival whose father runs ADS TECH, a major Medabots part manufacturer.

Beyond the story, the site is scant on details about the project. It states the game will allow players to customize their robots. A single .gif of gameplay footage (embedded above) seems to suggest a turn-based combat system, with eventual part damage. However, it seems to be lacking the relay-style of Imagineer’s games. “All the battles will be 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3, depending on each level,” describes the developers.

The page notes that the game is being developed by a “team of more than 20 people including developers, sound directors, singers, graphic designers, background designers, rig animators, UI animators, script writers, statisticians.”

The social media profiles for Comadrán’s game have been sharing the names of these new robots and teasing the inclusion of the Medaforce (the earlier gameplay .gif has a “Charge MF” icon) alongside a “Shadowforce.”

Additional information comes from an attempt at crowdfunding the project last year. In May 2020, the development group launched an Indiegogo campaign looking to raise €10,000. Stretch goals included adding “more than 25 robots”, a multiplayer tournament mode, a player store and ports for PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Gifs of the development environment reveal that the game is being made in Unity.

The page notes that the project “started 3 years ago with an initial investment of more than €1,000,000.” A FAQ section confirms the game will be free-to-play and will launch in both English and Spanish. The Indiegogo campaign was unsuccessful, with zero backers before being closed.




2 responses

18 05 2021
Lapetoruu Ekkusou

Cringe AF, lameass scam/fraud. Dunno if kevin is trying to extort money from imagineer/atlus, with his “1 millions euros invested” in his joke of a concept.
It’s a shame such clowns can buy names as easily and spoil them like that.

3 09 2021
Spanish “Medabots” team looking to launch Medacoin cryptocurrency … | Project Rising Beetle

[…] before even touching on this game itself. If we’re being honest, the original reveal looked quite amateurish. To the dev team’s credit, work has clearly been done to improve that […]

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