Original Medarot Games Receives English Fan Translation 23 Years Later

15 12 2020

Over 23 years in the making, you can now finally play the original Medarot video game in English. Originally teased on this site back in 2015, the fan effort to translate the first entry in the franchise has finally reached a playable state. While it’s not entirely polished, a translation patch for the entire game launched earlier this month.

To apply the patch, you’ll first need to procure a copy of Medarot in a .gb file. Then download the patch (.ips file) relevant to your version of the game (Kabuto or Kuwagata). Combine the two through this site, and voila. You’ll have the game ready to play in English through any Gameboy-compatible emulator. As the original game was enhanced with Super Gameboy features, emulators supporting that functionality also receive the borders and colour palletes.

Debuting in November 1997 on the Nintendo Game Boy, Medarot stars Hikaru Agata in his quest to become the world’s best Medarotter. After its successful launch, the game then received an enhanced Wonderswan port in 1999. In 2004, it was re-imagined with a different set of characters on the Game Boy Advance. Citing better documentation for ROM hacking, the fan translation is based on the game’s original release.

The crew behind this project includes Kimbles and Tobias for translation, with Variant and andwhyisit responsible for the hacking.

In May 2019, a Medarot R fan translation patch was released by Star Trinket.

Thanks to Alonso for pointing this out.




5 responses

31 12 2020
Crasher TN

This is amazing!

10 01 2021
Michael Schepis

This is so awesome!

26 01 2021

could this be done with the wonder swan game as that was an enhanced port of the gameboy

27 01 2021

It could be. The problem is that there’s less of a community knowledgable with Wonderswan ROM hacking, so it’s harder to find someone willing to do it.

4 02 2021

were should we emulate this ie were to grab them from that is safe

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