Medarot S gets trailer, pre-registration bonuses

4 09 2019

Imagineer has released the first full trailer for the upcoming smartphone title Medarot S. The video showcases the protagonists from all prior mainline Medarot video games and showcases gameplay. It features the insert song OVERTHiNKiNG BOY performed by EXiNA. Narration was done by Yū Mizushima.

The news comes alongside a relaunched website. Our new hero Arase Osumi obtains a Medarot named Cross Messiah through mysterious circumstances. Alongside the ditzy Hisaki Kaguya, he joins the Medalympics robattle competition. Like all prior mainline entries, the game utilizes the 3-on-3 relay battle system.

Imagineer has also launched a pre-registration campaign. If the company can reach specific Twitter follower goals, all players will receive bonus goods:

  • 30,000 = 4 rubies and 50,000 coins
  • 50,000 = 20 rubies and P-Rokusho
  • 70,000 = 4 rubies and 50,000 coins
  • 100,000 = 40 rubies and G-Metabee

Lastly, the company is running a contest to win a Limited Edition Medarotch Advanced: Kabuto Version. Those based in Japan can enter by following the Twitter account and retweeting this message.

Developed by SoWhat, the free-to-play Medarot S: Unlimited Nova is scheduled to debut on Android and iOS platforms this fall/winter season in Japan.

Via: Gematsu




2 responses

26 10 2019

Apperently, 50k were currently reached? I hope, we’ll get some news instead of curry events that are specific to jp region and all o.e’

29 10 2019

so, any new info, cause over at the official Japanese site, the name of the male protagonist’s Medarot is revealed to be called Cross Messiah, and to activate it, the Zero Medal is placed on its back.

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