Discotek to release Medabots anime on Blu-Ray in North America

28 07 2019

At their Otakon 2019 panel earlier today, North American home video distributor Discotek Media announced that they have acquired the rights to the Medabots anime series. The company plans on releasing the first 26, English-dubbed episodes of the show on Blu-Ray in standard definition next year.

Discotek also confirmed plans to release “additional seasons” of the series in the future. In addition, the company has also stated a release for the Japanese version, subtitled into English, is also in the works.

This will mark the first time the Medabots anime will be available on home video in North America since the license held by Nelvana expired early this decade. Assuming Discotek is including Damashii (aka season 3) in that “additional seasons” comment, this will be the sequel show’s physical home video debut in North America. Lastly, this will be the first time the Japanese version of the show will be officially available.

ADV Films previously released VHS and DVDs of the first season in the United States. KaBoom Entertainment did the same in Canada. In 2008, Shout! Factory re-released the first 26 episodes in a DVD boxset. Future releases were cancelled, with the producer on the project citing low sales.



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