20th Anniversary Medarot anime livestream announced for July 2nd

21 06 2019

Imagineer has announced a live-stream celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Medarot anime television series. The event, which will be available on YouTube and Niconico, kicks off July 2nd at 6PM JST and is scheduled to run to at least 10:30PM. Festivities include chats with guests Michiru Yamazaki and Junko Takeuchi, who voiced Ikki and Metabee, respectively, in the series.

The stream will also see fan favourite episodes screened, as decided in a poll conducted on Akiba Souken. Votes are open between June 20th and 25th. Imagineer is also taking viewer-submitted questions for Yamazaki and Takeuchi. Those can be sent via this Google Form (Japanese language only) between June 20th and 30th. Curiously, the form includes a question for the reader, asking what they expect to see from the Medarot franchise in the future. The options include anime, games, manga, music, character goods or other (write-in answer).

To celebrate the news, the original Medarot anime will become available to stream via a number of platforms in Japan. The show has already been added to Fuji TV on Demand. It will become available on NTT Docomo’s dTV and Bandai Channel on June 28th. Niconico will follow on July 2nd.

Directed by Tensai Okamura and produced at BeeTrain, the original Medarot anime aired for 52 episodes on TV Tokyo beginning on July 2, 1999. Canadian animation company Nelvana acquired the international rights to the show, renaming it Medabots. The series debuted in English in 2001 with other foreign languages soon following.



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