English Medarot R Fan Translation Patch Now Available

25 05 2019

Earlier this week, fan translation group Star Trinket released an English-language patch for Medarot R. A home console spinoff starring Ikki Tenyrou, the game was originally released on the PlayStation in 1999.

Unlike other side stories in the Medarot franchise, this entry keeps the traditional relay RPG battle system. The game’s character designs were created by Kenki Fujioka. It was only ever released in Japan, with development handled by Natsume with Imagineer publishing.

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The work done by Star Trinket is exhaustive. All text inside the game has been translated into English for the first time. This includes menus, battle screens and dialogue. Their work can be played on any PlayStation emulator, provided the user procures an ISO of the game disc and properly applies the translation patch.

The release marks the first completed fan translation of a Medarot video game. Those interested in supporting Star Trinket’s work should check out their Patreon.

Thanks Jayson, Dragon_Lord.



5 responses

25 05 2019
Kyo Kusanagi

Alright! Now I can put this on my PSIO Flash Card once I get it! Next to Tear Ring Saga of course which is an amazing game we never got here. But seriously though, Medarot should’ve been on PlayStation Portable. (Same for Telefang as it would’ve been called Keitai Denjuu Telefang Boost also getting a sequel as well) Why? It would’ve been great for a Pokémon clone to be on a platform other than Nintendo and the PSP would have a two-version game for it (hope one does exist) and Medarot would’ve been one of them (all GB to GBC mainline titles including Navi for GBA and Medarot DS as well, these ports would’ve been definitive editions for those games including Medarot 6 what it would’ve been), Natsume could’ve ported Medarot on PSP if you ask me, it would’ve been great. Hope there’s a Game Boy or Game Boy Color remake for PSP.

25 05 2019
Kyo Kusanagi

I pray for more Medarot/Medabots English Patches which includes all the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games, maybe even Medarot DS!

25 05 2019
Medarot R PS1 Dapatkan Terjemahan Fans Bahasa Inggris

[…] Sumber: projectrisingbeetle […]

27 05 2019

Finally! Someone started this?!

27 05 2019
Matt N. Ryan

Go Get Your Friends…

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