Medarotters Fan Club issues survey about the franchise’s future

25 09 2018

Members of the Japan-only Medarotters Fan Club operated by Imagineer have received an email containing a survey regarding the future of the Medarot franchise. It starts with personal questions for demographic breakdown (age, gender, marital/parental status), your favourite hobbies (anime, music, games, sports, gambling, etc.), which video games and platforms you’ve recently played and where you get information about the latest games from.

From there, the survey switches to talking about Medarot. The first question asks what’s your favourite form of Medarot content (the games, anime, manga, toys, etc.) and the appeal of the video games to you. Are you drawn in by the mecha designs, the battle system, the story, the character designs, the customization options or multiplayer battles? The survey then lists a number of genres you think would be a good match for a future Medarot video game project: RPG, Action RPG, Fighting, Sandbox, Strategy RPG, Rhythm, Adventure, Card Battling, Puzzle, or Other (fill-in). Then it asks which platforms you’d like to play future Medarot games on: Android, Arcade, iOS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii U, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One or Other.

The survey ends asking participants to suggest ideas for future Medarot merchandise, media or events.




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3 10 2018
Imagineer teases possible Medarot announced for November 28th | Project Rising Beetle

[…] which serializes the Medarot Tepid and Medarot Re – Reloaded manga. The company recently issued a survey asking fans about their views regarding the […]

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