Star Trigger launches Medarot collaboration

18 04 2018

Rekoo Japan has partnered up with Imagineer to launch a Medarot collaboration event in their smartphone game Star Trigger. Done to celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary, the campaign launched on April 17th and will end on May 8th. The game’s official Twitter account had been teasing the partnership since April 11th.

Medarot Collaboration Event Content

During the campaign, players can unlock avatars based on Metabee, Rokusho, Arcbeetle, Peppercat and the Phantom Retort through various ways.

  1. By logging into the game during the campaign period, all players will receive a Metabee avatar.
  2. By consecutively logging into the game during the campaign, players will receive the Rokusho avatar on day 3 and get 600 diamonds on day 7.
  3. Arcbeetle and Peppercat can be obtained through play special collaboration missions. By clearing all missions during the campaign, players will be rewarded with avatar items based on the Phantom Retort’s mask and hat.
  4. By linking your Twitter account to the game and following the official Medarotsha account, you can receive special missions and 100 diamonds.

Rekoo Japan launched Star Trigger on August 25, 2017, for iOS and Android devices. Here’s a trailer for the game and two videos showcasing the Medarot avatars.

Last December, LINE Akindo Sei no Little Peso ran a Medarot collaboration campaign.




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