Pre-orders open for Kotobukiya Arcbeetle model kit

20 02 2018

Following its showing at last weekend’s Wonder Festival, Kotobukiya’s Medarot KBT04-M Arcbeetle model kit is now available to pre-order. Due out in June, the 1/6 scale kit measures 135mm tall and includes three swappable visors, six energy bullets (which can be fired three at a time using all of Arcbeetle’s spring loaded barrels), three swappable pairs of hands and a replica Kabuto medal. Parts can also be swapped with earlier Kotobukiya Medarot models. The set retails for a ¥4800 MSRP.

Here are the official pictures:

Those that pre-order the kit from Kotobukiya stores as well as the Medarotters online shop are entiteld to bonus special coloured parts to replicate Arcbeetle’s Prominence attack. Exclusive to the Medarotters store is an additional postcard featuring art by Tyuga, which will be used on the kit’s box. Both retailers are selling the kit for ¥5,184 (taxes included). The Medarotters pre-order period is between February 20th and March 28th.

Kotobukiya’s Medarot line started in 2011 with Gun-Nose. Prior to Arcbeetle, the last kit was 2014’s release of Saikachis. Kotobukiya has routinely reissued earlier entries due to fan demand.

UPDATE: The Medarotters page has added an image showcasing the special clear plastic piece exclusively included with purchases at Kotobukiya and the Medarotters shop.
kotobukiya clear arcbeetle piece




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