Medarot Classics to get post-launch patch to add multiplayer, original 3DS speed-up support

9 12 2017

Imagineer has announced that Medarot Classics will not launch with multiplayer support. The company has apologized and explains that the feature will be added through a patch later.

In addition, Imagineer has retracted their previous statement regarding compatibility for the collection’s Speed Feature. Original 3DS models will be able to hasten gameplay after all. This will also be added in a patch after release.

Imagineer did not specify when the game’s patch will launch.

Medarot Classics launches on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on December 21st in both Kabuto and Kuwagata versions. Each will retail for ¥4800. The “20th Anniversary Edition” will cost ¥12,000.




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21 12 2017
Medarot Classics 1.1 patch now available | Project Rising Beetle

[…] patch fixes some rendering glitches and the processing speed. It does not appear that this is the previously mentioned software update that adds multi-player support or the speed up functionality for original Nintendo […]

7 03 2018
Medarot Classics patch 2 now available | Project Rising Beetle

[…] has launched version 2.0 of Medarot Classics. The patch adds the previously announced multiplayer features and the gameplay Speed Feature for older Nintendo 3DS models. Additionally, […]

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