Medarot Classics trailer released

1 12 2017

Imagineer has launched the first trailer for the upcoming Medarot Classics compilation on the company’s official YouTube channel. The video highlights gameplay footage from the included five games.

In addition to the trailer launch, the official Medarot Classics website has been updated to include downloadable PDFs of the original instruction manuals for the games included in the set.

Lastly, Imagineer has opened another Twitter contest to award one lucky fan a sealed Medawatch (this time, the Rokusho version) from 1999. The winner simply must have a public Twitter account that follows the official Medarot one and retweet the post. Imagineer will choose the victor in January. Entry is open only to residents of Japan.

Medarot Classics launches on Nintendo 3DS on December 21st in Japan. The game will be available in the traditional Kabuto and Kuwagata release at ¥4800 each. A special “20th Anniversary Edition” set that includes both versions will also be available for ¥12,000.




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