Medarot Classics announced for Nintendo 3DS

28 08 2017

According to Japanese game bloggers, the latest issue of Famitsu will reveal Medarot Classics for Nintendo 3DS. As the title implies, this release is a collection of older releases in the franchise, specifically Medarot one through five. The games were originally released on the Nintendo Game Boy between 1997 and 2001.

The compilation is described as featuring “improved systems,” including the ability to save anywhere. A New Game Plus mode will allow you to replay main story campaign with all of the parts you’ve previously accumulated, with the chance of unlocking whatever you missed. The “Skip Robottle” feature allows players to evade random encounters with enemies that are either well above or well below your skill level (you will not gain Medal XP this way). A “Meda Album” will be added to record each individual part you’ve collected over all five games. You’ll be able to view images of the part and read its stats. The compilations will include local wireless functionality, so you can battle and trade with friends in the same room.

Like most releases in the franchise, Medarot Classics will come out in both Kabuto and Kuwagata versions for ¥4800 each. A “20th Anniversary Edition” collector’s set will feature both versions of the compilation, a soundtrack CD containing 20 selected songs from the five games, plus an art book containing 520 illustrations, some of which haven’t been previously published. It will retail for ¥12,000. The release date is set for December 21st. Development is currently estimated at 78% completion.

Famitsu’s official preview should go out sometime tomorrow. The magazine usually publishes more in-depth online coverage on Wednesdays.

Medarot celebrates its 20th anniversary on November 28th with the release of the first game. This will be the first video game release under the franchise since Imagineer absorbed the publishing rights after it dissolved Rocket Company last year.

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