Medarot: The Koishimaru Collection due out in October

6 08 2017

Kodansha is reviving their Medarot manga reissues this fall. The company’s Re:ComicBonBon label has announced the October 23rd release of two new Medarot collections. Centred around Medarot 5 and Medarot G protagonist Koishimaru Tensan, the release aims to compile Horuma Rin’s manga series duo of the name. The new books will retail for 1000 and 1200 yen respectively.

Medarot 5 was originally serialized in the monthly Comic BonBon anthology magazine between the December 2001 and June 2002 issues. Kodansha previously published the series through two individual volumes in July and August 2002. Medarot G ran in Comic BonBon between its August 2002 and July 2003 issues. It was compiled into two volumes originally released in February and September 2003.

Kodansha previously released Medarot: The Hikaru Collection in June 2013. The publisher launched a four volume release of Medarot: The Ikki Collection between October 2014 and April 2015.

Following the publication of Medarot: The Koishimaru Collection, Re:ComicBonBon will have exhausted its lineup of mainline Medarot manga series drawn by Horuma Rin. Comic BonBon ceased publication in 2007 and subsequent Medarot manga series were serialized through other magazines and publishers. Kodansha and Re:ComicBonBon, however, do have claim to a number of Medarot manga spinoffs, most notably Kenki Fujioka’s Medarotter Rintaro!, Medarot R and Medarot Navi series.

Thanks @obsc_aqua and Kimbles.
NOTE: The image above is from Medarot 5’s initial release by Kodansha in 2002. The publisher has yet to reveal the cover art for The Koishimaru Collection.




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7 08 2017

Sweet. I wonder if you can get these off amazon.

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