Imagineer absorbs Rocket Company

15 05 2016

rocketlogoStarting July 1st, 2016, Rocket Company will be no more. The Japanese publisher behind the Medarot games will be merged with its parent company Imagineer. The move is being made as Imagineer plans to transition its business to focus less on packaged software for dedicated gaming devices and more on games for smart phones/tablets. While the company will continue to release games on dedicated platforms, worsening market conditions will see fewer titles launch as they review their business strategy.

The press release for the announcement confirms that Imagineer will continue to support Rocket’s products. Also mentioned is the transferal of the Medarot franchise, implying there might be future products released under Imagineer’s name. Unsurprisingly, the Medarotters Store will also continue to operate.

Rocket Company was a fully owned subsidiary of Imagineer and took over the latter’s video game publishing business in the mid 2000s. Their first Medarot release was 2004’s Shingata Medarot on the Gameboy Advance. Their final Medarot product was this year’s Medarot: Girls Mission on 3DS. Their final title in general appears to be Pom Pom Purin: Korokoro Daibouken, which launched on the 3DS on April 7th. Before Rocket Company, Imagineer published games under their own name.

Prior to the merger being official, Rocket Company president Shuhei Iida and ‎senior executive vice president Hikaru Horiuchi will retire on June 30th.

This new follows the recent closure of Medarot series developer and partial Rocket Company subsidiary Delta-Arts.




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2 08 2016

[…] not every game that’s made in a particular territory, such as Japan, is always made with a worldwide release in mind. Another thing to consider is that we’d have to use Rocket Company’s engineers and programmers in regards to localizing a game. Even if we were to translate it, they’d have to be available. We reached out to them and told them we wanted to do more. We had a great time back in the day on the GBA releasing those four Medabots games, and on the Gamecube. Unfortunately, the stars have not yet aligned. Hopefully there’s a game that they have time to partner with us on.

Could this mean that they might translate the next games?

2 01 2017

No news?

22 06 2017
Imagineer confirms it’s developing an unspecified Nintendo Switch title | Project Rising Beetle

[…] game developer, and partial Imagineer subsidiary, Delta-Arts, had shut its doors. Imagineer also announced it was dissolving Rocket Company, the publishing label it used for packaged video games as their […]

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