Medarot RPG developer Delta-Arts has closed

2 05 2016

deltaartsJapanese game developer Delta-Arts updated its website to announce that the studio ceased operations at the end of last month. The company’s final known project, Medarot 9, shipped on the Nintendo 3DS last December.


Delta-Arts originally opened on October 6, 2005 and is mostly known for developing the Medarot RPGs. The studio helmed the franchise’s revival with Medarot DS in 2010 and has developed each mainline entry (7,8 and 9) on the Nintendo 3DS. Other notable titles include Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle as well as a Rilakkuma game on the DS.

A reason for the studio’s closure was not given, though Medarot 9 posted the mainline franchise’s third worst first sales upon its debut.

Rocket Company has yet to respond on how this will affect the future of the Medarot franchise. The publisher owned 39% of Delta-Arts. The most recent Medarot release, Medarot: Girls Mission, was an action spinoff developed by Rocket Company in partnership with Kurogane. The game launched on the 3DS in early March, and is based on 2013’s Medarot Dual by Jupiter. Prior to Delta-Arts’ involvement, the mainline Medarot RPGs were developed by Natsume (now known as Natsume-Atari) between 1997 and 2004.




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