English Medarot Anime Fansub Update: Episodes 28 & 29 + 14-26 Revised Batch Now Available

18 01 2016

Square Subs have released a subtitled version of episodes 28 and 29 of the Medarot anime series alongside a single download for episodes 14-26 (with revisions). Today’s episodes see Ikki become a food connoisseur and a snowy showdown. Download links are below:

Note: NSFW ads
Episode 28: Operation Takoyaki! – Torrent / MEGA
Episode 29: The Snowman has arrived – Torrent / MEGA
Episodes 14-26 (Torrent)

If you’re looking for individual episodes, click here.

Square Subs are looking for help with proofreading. If you’re up to the task, contact them through our forums, #squaresubs@irc.rizon.net, http://www.squaresubs.xyz or squarefoldericons(at)gmail.com. If you spot any errors in the episodes above, don’t be afraid to point that out either.




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