Medarot: Girls Mission Famitsu Scans Surface

9 01 2016

We’ve already seen the blurry camera shots and the official preview, but now we have clean scans of Famitsu’s Medarot: Girls Mission coverage.

Click the images to see a bigger view:

As previously stated, the game is an action spinoff similar to Medarot Dual. Various attacks are mapped to the A-B-X-Y face buttons on the 3DS. While you’ve got full control over your Medarot, win conditions are still the same: either incapacitate the competition or inflict the most damage. You’ll be able to do this through the game’s extensive customization features. Over 100 Medarot will be featured in the game, all allowing you to swap arms, legs heads, etc. You’ll earn them by competing in the game’s various battles, including 2-on-2 ones.

Following in the footsteps of every prior handheld game in the series, Girls Mission will be sold in both Kabuto and Kuwagata releases. Unlike every game in the series, there appears to be a major difference between the two in story. Kabuto stars Minori Hojo (voiced by Ibuki Kido), a student of Joyou Agricultural High School. Kuwagata has Megumi Kaido (voiced by Aya Suzaki) from Teikou High School. Their Medarot companions will naturally be Metabee and Rokusho, respectively. Both will compete alongside other girls to win the Artemis Cup tournament.

While players won’t be able to control their partner in 2-on-2 battles, battling together will grow the bond between both Medarot and Medarotters. Ultimately players will grow stronger.

Medarot: Girls Mission features over 20 female characters and here’s the ones Famitsu is previewing:

  • Minori Hojo with Metabee (Voice Actress: Ibuki Kido)
  • Megumi Kaido with Rokusho (Voice Actress: Aya Suzaki)
  • Mizuho Tanigawa with Pom-Pom Mates (Voice Actress: Saki Ogasawara) – Kabuto exclusive (Minori’s buddy)
  • Tsubasa Nanahoshi with Peppercat (Voice Actress: Ayane Sakura)
  • Ichiko Tsurugi with Bluesdog (Voice Actress: Sarah Emi Bridcutt)
  • Riko Sakata with Mad Juggler (Voice Actress: Minami Fujii)
  • Sakura Gotou with Kanehachi Mk.2 (Voice Acress: Shiki Aoki)
  • Shouko Shiratori with Daichanko (Voice Actress: Yuu Asakawa)
  • Koi Nishikino with Gokudo (Voice Actress: Mari Shiraishi)
  • Shikkoku no Yami (Pitch-Black Darkness) with Minerva (Voice Actress: Eriko Nakamura)
  • Asumi Naruko with Nin-Ninja (Voice Actress: Kana Asumi)
  • Sayuri Kunishiro with Scimitar Tooth (Voice Actress: Rina Kitagawa)
  • Kiyomi Shigeno with Topgunner (Voice Actress: Hiromi Igarashi)
  • Kei Musumi with Steinberga (Voice Actress: Nao Toyama)
  • Yuri Yasuragi with Brunhild (Voice Actress: Sayaka Gomi)
  • Arisu Tsuchimikado with Arachnospider (Voice Actress: Ai Kakuma)
  • Shizuka Minamoto with Samurai (Voice Actress: Lynn)
  • Laura Bartley with Whipworld (Voice Actress: Ayumi Fujimura)
  • Ran Suzukaze with Barbe Bleue (Voice Actress: Yuu Kobayashi)
  • Toki Asou with Roll beauty (Voice Actress: Izumi Chiba) – Kuwagata exclusive (Megumi’s childhood friend)

Robot designs will once again be handled by series regular Horuma Rin. The girls will be designed by Sai Izumi.

The game will feature local and online multiplayer. Players can go through the game’s story as a co-op mode will be available. Up to four players can compete in local battles, but online will be limited to just two. You’ll be able to go up against your friends as well people you don’t know.

A radio program hosted by Ibuki Kido and Aya Suzaki will begin on Ulta A&G+ on January 10th between 18:30 – 19:00 JST. Medarot: Girls Mission: Radio High School will reflect on the series thus far and chat about other things.

Medarot: Girls Mission is set for release on March 10, 2016 in Japan for 5800 yen. Development is currently at 90% completion. In a franchise first, the game has received a C (ages 15+) rating from CERO.

Via: Japanese Nintendo, Nintendo Everything
Thanks Tobias and The Golux!




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