Medarot: Girls Mission announced for 3DS

4 01 2016

1451904956861sDespite Medarot 9 having just launched on December 26, 2015, Rocket Company aren’t taking any time off. This week’s Famitsu will announce Medarot: Girls Mission, a new action game for Nintendo 3DS. As the name implies, the game will be focused on female characters. Over 20 of them, in fact, as they compete to win the Artemis Cup.

The game will be released in both Kabuto and Kuwagata versions, but unlike many Medarot games, it looks like there will be a significant difference between releases. The lineup of girls and robots will vary, with the main character being from an agricultural high school in Kabuto, and a drama (?) school in Kuwagata.

Similar to Medarot Dual, 2-on-2 team battles will be available. Multiplayer will consist of four players local, and two players online. Throughout game play, you’ll be able to grow closer to you Medarot, increasing strength for both of you.

A radio program will be broadcast on January 10. Naturally, you’ve got to have voice actors for that, so here’s the cast of Medarot: Girls Mission:

– Ibuki Kido
– Aya Suzaki
– Saki Ogasawara
– Ayane Sakura
– Sarah Emi Bridcutt
– Minami Fujii
– Aoki Shiki
– Yuu Asakawa
– Mari Shiraishi
– Eriko Nakamura
– Kana Asumi
– Rina Kitagawa
– Hiromi Igarashi
– Nao Toyama
– Sayaka Gomi (?)
– Ai Kakuma
– Lynn
– Ayumi Fujimura
– Yuu Kobayashi
– Izumi Chiba

Robot designs will once again be handled by series regular Horuma Rin. The girls will be designed by Sai Izumi.

Medarot: Girls Mission is set for release on March 10, 2016 in Japan for 5800 yen. Development is currently at 90% completion. The game’s expected to receive a CERO C (ages 15+) rating, which is a first for the franchise.

Via: Sokuho@Hokanko, Hachima Kikou, Homusuki2014, Gamestalk




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10 01 2016
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