Rumour: Medarot 2 CORE and Medarot Navi headed to Japanese Virtual Console

15 10 2015

In the aftermath of an eShop exploit that seems to have revealed the existence of an HD re-release of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, users have gone digging for more potential leaks. While no earth shattering discoveries have been found, two users on NeoGAF (further supported by a Wii U Brew list) have reported finding data suggesting Medarot 2 CORE and Medarot Navi are heading to the Japanese Virtual Console for Wii U. Neither has officially been announced for the service, though the recent release of Medarot G implies this rumour is far from a stretch.


Medarot 2 CORE was originally published on the Gameboy Advance in 2002. It’s a remake of the second title in the Medarot franchise, and stars Ikki Tenyrou and Metabee on their quest to become the world’s best Medarotter. The game was released globally by Natsume and has already seen a Virtual Console release in Europe, with one in North America due out later this year.


Medarot Navi was the series’ debut on the Gameboy Advance in September 2001. Acting as a franchise spinoff, the game is a significant departure from prior titles. Navi uses a strategy RPG system, like that found in Final Fantasy Tactics, instead of the franchise’s usual relay system. The game was only released in Japan and tells the tale of Kasumi Asano, a young boy who discovers an alien Medarot.

Should the leak prove true, this will leave 2004’s Shingata Medarot as the sole Gameboy Advance game in the series without a re-release.




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20 11 2015
The Brain in the Jar

Is this project still going?

2 02 2016
Medarot 2 CORE Heads To The Japanese Wii U Virtual Console | Project Rising Beetle

[…] a Virtual Console release in Europe and North America late last year. The Japanese launch follows a leak from October that indicated it and Medarot Navi would wind up on the service. Medarot G became […]

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