Medarot Anime Fansubs Live! Episodes 1-6 Now Available

28 09 2015

It’s been well over a year since the second subtitled episode of the Medarot anime series hit the net. I had given up on the Japanese version of the show ever being fully translated, but it looks like I’m going to be wrong. Square Folder Icon Anon Subs (SFAIS) has begun translating BeeTrain’s adaptation of the second Medarot video game. In less than a month SFAIS has tackled the first six episodes, which you can download below:

Note: NSFW ads
Episode 1: Move! Piece Of Junk Medarot
Episode 2: Screws’ Revenge
Episode 3: A Man’s Dream Is A Strong Body
Episode 4: The Legendary Medarotter
Episode 5: Thank You For Today, Sea!
Episode 6: We’re Aliens, Robo!

The video is sourced from Bunnyhat Raws’ rip of the Japanese DVDs.

SFAIS is confident he can release at least an episode a week! The only aspect he’s looking for help in is with proofreading. So if you’re up to the task, contact him through our forums or squarefoldericons(at) If you spot any errors in the six episodes above, don’t be afraid to point that out either. Once he’s finished the first 13 episodes SFAIS plans on putting out a revised script based on the community’s feedback.




2 responses

7 10 2015
English Medarot Anime Fansub Update: Episodes 7 & 8 Now Available | Project Rising Beetle

[…] You can find the download links to episodes 1-6 here. […]

21 11 2015
satoshi (@151satoshi)

I’ve always wanted to watch Medarot subbed. Thank you for this.

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