Medarot Game Fan Translation Reaches Milestone

5 09 2015

Here’s a small update on the upcoming Medarot video game fan translation. The team behind the patch has announced that their initial translation is complete and is now going through editing and more coding. That should include both the menu and story components of the game.

The Susutake Translations team includes:
Translation: Kimbles, SPRfox12, and Tobias
Coding and Programming: Variant and Sanky
Graphics: Pluto_Nonary
Beta Testers: The whole team

Here are some work-in-progress screenshots from the build:

No release window for the patch has been shared.




5 responses

7 10 2015

cant wait!

11 11 2015

personally i don’t see the point in a translation of such an old game when the excellent GBA rpgs exist. still it might please some people. personally i’d prefer a 3DS medabot translation though.

25 11 2015

Can’t wait. I hope you translate 3/4/5 too. I’ve already finished 3 with a bit of “talk to everyone, even objects and doors”.

8 05 2016

Hows progress going? Very much so looking forward to this. I hope this is progressing well.

9 05 2016

” Just so everyone is aware, this project is not dead. We have just been busy with some life things and we’ll try to get it done during the summer. We had an unexpected change of plans.”

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