First Medarot Game Set To Get English Fan Translation

6 06 2015

Box-Medarot1KabutoIt’s taken nearly 18 years, but non-Japanese readers may finally get to play the original Medarot game. Announced on the Project Rising Beetle forums, a group of fans have pledged to release an English translation patch for the first RPG in the series.

Debuting in November 1997 on the Nintendo Game Boy in both Kabuto and Kuwagata flavours, Medarot stars Hikaru Agata in his quest to become the world’s best Medarotter. After its successful launch, the game then received an enhanced Wonderswan port in 1999. In 2004 it was re-imagined with a different set of characters on the Game Boy Advance. Citing better documentation for ROM hacking, the fan translation will be based on the game’s original release.

The team, which consists of a few carryovers from the Medarot manga translation project, is as such:

Translation: Kimbles and Tobias
Coding and Programming: Variant and Sanky
Graphics: Pluto_Nonary
Beta Testers: The whole team

The translation will be true to the Japanese text, so localized names seen in official English products won’t be used.

To show that they’re serious, the team has released a batch of screenshots with the translation injected in the game:

While unable to promise anything, the hope is to launch the English patch sometime this year.




9 responses

8 06 2015

Awesome guys! and thank you.

10 06 2015

We god damn

10 06 2015

*Well god damn

21 06 2015
Victoria [Rokuso3] (@rokuso3)

This is great!!!!

14 09 2015


30 09 2015
Medarot Game Fan Translation Reaches Milestone | Project Rising Beetle

[…] a small update on the upcoming Medarot video game fan translation. The team behind the patch has announced that their initial translation is complete and is now […]

4 12 2015
L.B. 367

Let me know when they finish the game. 🙂

15 10 2016
Kaito Konogashi

Is the game finished

5 11 2016

Any news regarding this and other Fan Translations?

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