Medabots AX Re-Rated In Australia For Virtual Console Release?

28 11 2014

medabots ax
The Australian classifications board put up a new listing on November 26th for Medabots AX: Metabee Version, mirroring what happened to Medabots: An RPG Adventure in August. Like the 2014 entry for that game, this release received a PG rating and is credited as being published by Nintendo and authored by Natsume. This should be in preparation for a Gameboy Advance Virtual Console re-release on Wii U.

Acting as a fighting spinoff in the same vein as Super Smash Bros., Medabots AX originally launched on Gameboy Advance in North America during June 2002. It was the first game in the property to be released in English, though no Japanese version of Medabots AX exists. Its counterpart would be Medarot G which launched in July of that same year. While the games contain different story lines, (AX starring Ikki Tenyrou where as G is a story about Medarot 5‘s Koishimaru Tensan) the battle systems are identical and the two share many of the same assets.


Like all Medabots games on handhelds, AX was released in two versions. The Australian board only rated one release, but I imagine both the Metabee and Rokusho versions will be available. The original 2002 release of the game was only rated once as well.

To date, none of the non-3DS Medarot games are available on digital platforms in Japan.




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