Medarot 8’s Reception

11 10 2014

BwBPnSICQAAX28U.jpg largeRocket Company and Delta-Arts published Medarot 8, the latest entry in the robot-battling RPG series on August 28th in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS. Now that the game has been out for a few months, it’s about time to reflect on how the latest outing performed.

Japan’s most popular gaming magazine Famitsu reviewed the title. Their four editors awarded the game a total score of 31/40, or split as 8/7/8/8. This is the best result an RPG entry has seen from the outlet, topping the 30/40 scores granted to Medarot Navi, DS and 7. However this is a single point decline from last year’s Medarot DUAL, the action spinoff developed by Jupiter. Each of Famitsu’s four reviewers each gave that game an 8.

In a rare English review, Bri Bri of Japanese 3DS gave the game a 7 out of 10. Praise was directed toward the robot customization while the length of battles drew criticism. Overall he felt that Medarot 8 “is a really fun game with good (not great) visuals, an excellent soundtrack and a wonderful array of characters.”

Consumer reviews are also positive. The response from users on has the game sitting at four stars out of five. That is comparable to other recent entries in the series.

Coming into Medarot 8, the franchise had already seen a decline in sales since the 2010 revival. According to Famitsu, the modern Medarot games have sold the following:

NDS: Medarot DS:  Kabuto / Kuwagata (Rocket Company) {2010-05-27} – 62,056 / 114,401 (as of 2010-12-26)
3DS: Medarot 7:  Kabuto / Kuwagata (Rocket Company) {2012-09-13} – 60,285 / 107,751 (as of 2012-12-30)
3DS: Medarot DUAL: Kabuto / Kuwagata (Rocket Company) {2013-11-14} – 19,839 / 48,453 (as of 2014-05-11)

Debuting at #5 in the video game top 30 for the week ending August 31st, Medarot 8 sold 35,915 copies at Japanese retail. Famitsu estimates that was around 60-80% of the total stock produced for the game. As of September 21st, the tracker reported sales of 47,816. In their top 30 for the month of August, Famitsu revealed that an additional 2,547 copies were sold through the Nintendo eShop.

Medarot 8 is currently the second worst-selling numbered entry in the series. It has only bested Medarot 5 which had moved a lowly 44,918 copies.

[Sources: Gematsu, Japanese 3DS,, JapanLTDRank, NeoGAF]




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