Medarot: The Ikki Collection Volume 1 Launches Later This Month

10 10 2014

medarot2Kodansha’s Re:ComicBonBon label published a collected release of the first Medarot manga in June of 2013. Due to that book’s success, the company announced that the manga adaptations of Medarot 2 through 4 would also see collected releases under the Ikki Collection label. The release date for the first volume, which will contain half of Medarot 2‘s manga, is scheduled for October 23rd. The book will cost 1,000 yen and features a new cover designed by Horuma Rin.

The Medarot 2 manga ran in the monthly Comic Bon-Bon anthology magazine back in 1999. The four collected volumes tell an alternate take on the story found within the first anime series. Medarot 2‘s manga adaptation was drawn by Horuma Rin and it is the only manga in the franchise published outside of Asia. In 2002, Viz Media released the manga in North America. Pika Édition published a French version the following year.

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22 12 2014
Medarot: The Ikki Collection Volume 2 Now Available | Project Rising Beetle

[…] up the release of the first volume in October, Kodansha’s Re:ComicBonBon label published Medarot: The Ikki Collection Volume 2 today. The […]

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