“No current Medabots [games] will be localized,” says Natsume

21 08 2014

With Medarot 8 set to hit Japanese retail next week, fans are anxious about the localization potential for the latest Nintendo 3DS game. After all, the game acts as yet another reboot to the franchise’s lore but still offers some familiar mascot robots like Metabee and Rokusho. It should be a shoe-in for localization, right? Well, mirroring what we’ve heard before, Natsume has shut that down:

It really does seem like the problem is on Imagineer’s end. For those not aware, Imagineer is the owner of the Medarot property and publishes the newer games through their Rocket Company label. I can only speculate that their licensing fee is too high or that they’re simply not interested in publishing these games abroad.




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10 09 2014

Kinda feels like trying to get a fire going in the rain. It can be done but it takes a butt load of time effort and patience.

2 04 2015
Natsume Explains Why Recent Medarot Games Haven’t Been Localized; Confirms Virtual Console Plans | Project Rising Beetle

[…] to materialize itself in the form of western video game releases. Natsume has stated on more than one occasion that was by no fault of their own. While their answers left room for speculation, they never […]

27 04 2016
Alan Fuentes Ramirez

BUT OF COURSE they will not localize medabots, theyre not done butchering harvest moon and raping it, natsume is taking bad descicions and they will fail as well just to join konami and capcom

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