Medarot 8 Stars New Hero; First Images Revealed

28 05 2014


Yesterday morning we received word on that Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu had announced Medarot 8 for Nintendo 3DS. As is usually the case in those early leaks, details were scarce. Famtisu uploaded their preview of the magazine article, which reveals some new details as well as a better look at the game. As previously stated, the game will feature a detective theme with revamped visuals for the world and Medarot game models.

Medarot 8 appears to be disconnected to previous entries in the series and stars a new young boy named Salt. Having lost his father to Medarot crime, Salt aims to become a detective. Salt’s senior officer at the Laurel Detective Agency is Anise, who is renowned for her intellect and data management skills. The story will be written by Yukinori Kitajima, who has previously penned titles like Okamiden, Chaos Rings, and Hamatora. The character designs are done by Shinto Kamichi. Both are newcomers to the Medarot franchise, but the robots themselves will be designed by series regular Horuma Rin.

As stated in the earlier reports, the battle system has been redesigned to be easier for new players to grasp. That said, it will still be the 3-on-3, defeat the leader, relay-style battle system the mainline Medarot RPGs are known for. A new evolution to the combat now grants players more control over attack targeting and responses to attacks.

Rocket Company will publish Medarot 8: Kabuto Ver./Kuwagata Ver. on August 28th for 6,264yen (taxes included).

Via: Famitsu
Thanks Kimbles!




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