Kotobukiya Reveals Saikachis Model Kit Pictures And Release Window

28 05 2014


Kotobukiya announced the latest entry in their ever expanding line of Medarot model kits at the Winter Wonder Fest. The project was so early into production that the company only had a cardboard standee to demonstrate that KBT05-C Saikachis was next. Kotobukiya finally shed some details on the kit last week.

Saikachis, which debuted in Medarot 3 and the Medarot Damashii anime, will come out in September for 4,500yen. Saikachis will be the first in Kotobukiya’s Medarot series to support Medachange, the ability to transform from robot to vehicle and back again. It appears the kit’s Medachange ability is limited to just Reckless Mode (known in English as Action Mode) and not the tank looking Crafty Mode (Demolition Mode abroad). Like the other Kotobukiya model kits, Saikachis will come with four different visors, three sets of hands, and a replica Kabuto medal that acts as a stand for action sound effects/decoys. Some parts are compatible with previous Medarot kits by the company, and vice versa. The model was sculpted by the Matsuura Design Office. Those that purchase KBT05-C Saikchis at Kotobukiya stores in Japan will receive a special Kabuto medal figure stand.

Via: Kotobukiya
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