Second, and third set of Medarot DUAL voice over DLC revealed

2 03 2014

Rocket Company already released Hiro Shimono as an alternative battle voice over for Medarot Dual, and has since put out more. On Decemeber 19th, voice packs containing audio from Sumire Uesaka, Yuu Kobayashi, and Maaya Uchida were released. The company followed that up by releasing Aya Endo, and Rie Kugiyama voice packs on January 2nd. The previous two voice actresses are in the retail game, but as they were version exclusive (Endo only in Kabuto, and Kugiyama only in Kuwagata) this DLC is aimed at users looking to hear the alternate version’s voice overs. Each voice pack costs 100 yen.

The official DLC page has a spot for one more voice track, but as we’re nearly two months removed from the last update, one has to wonder if there will actually be more.

Via: Medarotsha
Thanks Kimbles!




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