Medarot at Jump Festa 2014

2 03 2014

Shueshia’s Jump Festa 2014 convention occurred over the weekend of December 21st, 2013 in Japan. Rocket Company participated by hosting a two day Medarot DUAL tournament, where fans could win exclusive items. First day winners received a Metabee themed set including a sketch from Horuma Rin, a trophy, a set of AR cards for the game, and an exclusive hoodie with back art from Horuma Rin. Second day winners received the same items in a Rokusho flavour.


Those that participated in the tournament received a free lanyard, a wrist strap, and a copy of the Medarot DUAL Premium Soundtrack CD. Like the tournament prizes, the goods handed out each day were styled after Metabee and Rokusho. The soundtrack took this up a notch by having a varying tracklist depending on the version you received.

Bb6sm-tCMAAPP-9.jpg large

If you didn’t feel like your Medarot party was up to the task for a tournament, you could still celebrate the occasion by purchasing a 3000 yen t-shirt featuring the same art as the winner’s hoodies.


Lastly, there was a free WiFi event to receive KBT05-F Blackbeetle and KWG05-F Blackstag. These two Medarot are usually version exclusive, and a bit difficult to obtain.


If you can read Japanese, check out Rocket Company’s recap of the event.

Via: Medarotsha, and Twitter




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