Take on classic characters in Medarot DUAL

17 10 2013

When Medarot DUAL was first announced it was teased that older characters in the franchise would be in the game. The latest issue of Famitsu has finally revealed hopefully just some of what’s to come. After Medarot DUAL comes out on November 14th, Rocket Company will release additional paid DLC for the challenge missions. If you complete the challenges you can win the star character’s Medarot parts, and gain access to them as a Buddy for the four player mode. The first set of characters include Hikaru (known as Henry in English releases), and his love interest Kirrara from the first Medarot game. Additionally, you have Paddy and her boyfriend Yuki from Medarot: Parts Collection.

If you’re not interested in paying, you can face off against the characters for free, though you wouldn’t gain access to anything.


The actual Famitsu issue revealed that Kikuhime (known as Samantha in English releases), and Iwanoi (known as Spyke in English releases) will also be in the game as DLC. Alongside a bunch of other characters including a certain someone …


Via: Famitsu, Knight’s Armor




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10 11 2013
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