Medarot DUAL’s gameplay system detailed with new footage

13 09 2013

Rocket Company’s updated the official Medarot DUAL website to include an extensive demonstration of the gameplay system. As mentioned in the past, rather than being a relay based RPG like most Medarot games, DUAL is an action title with a focus on ranged gun play for the Kabuto release, and a more up close melee combat for the Kuwagata version. Over fourteen Youtube videos, and thirty images the company showed some of the options given to players in combat and customization. Additionally, the company shared footage of a dual Robattle consisting of teams of two competing against each other. As going through fourteen short clips isn’t much fun I’ve decided to edit them all together:

The video demonstrates some of attacks players can launch, such as shooting, thunder, traps, tornado, compress, and laser. Which attacks you can launch is directly determined by the parts attached to your Medarot. In other segments of the video you can see the difference leg parts make in movement. You’ll see multi-legs that will allow you to double jump, the versatile and easy to use two legs, the all-purpose floating legs, the easy to traverse through rough terrain vehicle legs, the armor heavy tank legs, the water floating submersible legs, and the air bombing flight legs. Lastly, the video shows off a four player team Robattle called a “dual Robattle”.

Additionally, it’s been revealed that Medarot exclusive to each version of the game can be traded over to the other.

Medarot DUAL will be available on Nintendo 3DS in Japan starting November 14th for 6090 yen.

Via: Medarotsha (2), (3), (4), and Gamer’s Hour




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14 09 2013

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