Medarot DUAL’s release date, TV commercial, trailer and TGS promo revealed

30 08 2013

We’ve got a lot of news to cover. Rocket Company have confirmed a November 14th launch for Medarot DUAL on 3DS in Japan. Both the Kuwagata, and Kabuto versions will retail for a 6,090 yen price point each. To celebrate this news the company has shared the TV commercial, and trailer for the game:

Additionally, the company shared some plans for their presence at TGS 2013. On September 21st, and 22nd Rocket Company will be hosting competitions between gamers and their staff. If you’re able to defeat the staff member, you’ll be rewarded with a T-shirt featuring original art produced by series regular Horuma Rin. While you can obviously try your hand at playing Medarot DUAL before it’s release, the company has also announced a special smartphone rendition of the Medarotch, known internationally as the Medawatch will be playable. This rendition seems to stay true to the roots of the Japanese toy dating back 15 years.

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19 09 2013
Medarotch app available on iOS, coming soon to Android | Project Rising Beetle

[…] initially were given a snippet of this app when Rocket Company announced their TGS 2013 plans, but now the company has officially announced Medarotch presented by Medarot […]

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