XSEED’s not interested in localizing modern Medarot games

27 08 2013


While XSEED weren’t the company we devoted the majority of our campaigning to, they were a target. So a fan on Facebook contacted the company about a potential localization of Medarot DUAL on 3DS. The company’s page responded by saying:

Sorry, but not likely. We don’t have anyone here familiar with that series, so without an in-house “cheerleader” stubbornly withholding the office Dragonball-themed cookies until everyone else caves, the series will never be put up to a vote, much less approved.

There’s not much else to say than that. We’ll continue campaigning despite another blow.

Via: Facebook
Thanks Rodolfo!




5 responses

27 08 2013
28 08 2013
Jimmy McKee

There’s only 1 option left, Demand Nintendo to remove the region locks off the 3DS and Wii U

Screw whatever Nintendo said on the matter and make it happen

28 08 2013

i agree they should at least than remove the region lock i dont care playing it in japanees as long as i can play it on my european 3ds

30 08 2013
12 10 2013

The way this statement was worded really made the people at XSEED sound like pricks.

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