Medarot DUAL’s official site opens, reveals new screenshots and preorder swag

30 07 2013

medarot dual headerAs if the new shots from Amazon Japan weren’t enough, the official Medarot website has updated to include a section on Medarot DUAL. While the site doesn’t share a whole lot on new details for the project we do get to see some of snazzy preorder, and first run bonuses available to customers. Elaborating on what was initially revealed in Famitsu, the pre-order bonus is a binder with two special AR cards that give you in-game Medarot parts if you scan them. Like many things, the cards you get depend on the version you get. Kabuto owners can expect A-Burage and Fancyroll, with Kuwagata owners getting Noir Katze and Kuu-Kentaurus.


If you purchase the game at retail, clip out a proof of purchase from the game’s instruction manual, and send that to Rocket Company they’ll send you a set of 28 AR cards. The card set includes 24 regular AR cards, plus 4 more special cards that give you parts, including Blazermate, Chi-Behemoth, and two new knight-like Medarot named La Pucelle and one with a name that starts with Blue … Both of these Medarot specialize in physical and long-range attacks.

Via: Medarotsha and Kimbles




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